10 Online Social Tools for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Social Media ToolsThe one thing that everyone struggles with, especially nonprofits, is the lack of time, money and resources devoted to social media. It can be a time suck. Just researching helpful tools to make your life easier that won’t bleed your wallet can be taxing. And let’s face it, as much as we’d like to think that social media is free, it’s not. Money is time, time is money.

Here is a list of 10 tools I think Nonprofits should check out (and those that don’t have a fat wallet).

  1. Desktop tools to manage your online experience. I like SmallAct‘s tool THRIVE for nonprofits because it’s very user friendly, but it’s not free like HootSuite. Most nonprofits can get away with using HootSuite’s free version and the Pro version is only $5.99 per month. Small Act is a tad more expensive and has different benefits than HootSuite. Small Act was built with the nonprofit in mind. Both are good.
  2. Newsletters. I’ve seen a number of nonprofits struggle with this one. A nonprofit should not have to pay a lot to get a newsletter out. In fact, small nonprofits shouldn’t have to pay anything. Vertical Response and Constant Contact offer a discount to nonprofits. You just need to ask.
  3. Web Conferencing. FreeConference has been the go-to for free phone conferencing, but for video you can use Skype and it’s free. Or you can try ReadyTalk, they have a discounted rate for nonprofits.
  4. Scheduling. Doodle is great for finding the right date to have a gathering or meeting among a large group of individuals. However, is also great for this and also free.
  5. Surveys/Quizzes. Sure, we all know Survey Monkey is free, but for branded surveys and more flexibility in the questions, you can use Question Pro ($15/mo) or ProProfs (free).
  6. Online Ads.  Increase traffic to your website with GoogleAds. Google gives free GoogleAdWords grants to qualifying nonprofits.
  7. eLearning. Teach your volunteers/staff or constituents about your organization and your mission with Udemy, a free online eLearning tool where you can create free online trainings or sell your training.
  8. Internal Social network. Create a free internal social network for your company with Yammer or Chatter.
  9. Donor Relationship Management. Manage your constituents with a CRM, offers free nonprofit user licenses.
  10. Storify. Make your blogs more interesting and engaging by using social media to do it. is free.
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