10 Reasons Why I LOVE the Monopoly Facebook Page

As you may or may not know, big brands can have a parent brand and then child brand Pages on Facebook.  Hasbro is a good example of this, they have Hasbro as the parent Page and then they have child brand Pages, like Monopoly. I absolutely love the Monopoly Page because they understand the true essence of what it means to harness the power of Facebook fans. For example, recently Monopoly added a new token, the cat. Everything they post now ties back to the new feline token, from cat socks to Grumpy Cat.

But let’s take a closer look:

  1. Cover photo & profile photo change regularly. They updated these to make them relevant with their new token. 
    Monopoly Cover 
  2. They have a post that is relevant for not only the major holidays, but for the quirky ones too and they always manage to incorporate their brand in some way, from National Bowtie day to Father’s Day.
    Monopoly Father's DayMonopoly Bowtie day
  3. Their timeline tells the story of the brand and dates all the way back to 1903.
    Monopoly Timeline
  4. The ASK their community to engage with them on almost every post.
    Monopoly engages
  5. They know their audience and talk about what they want to talk about.  (C’mon, how many of you used to get money when you landed on Free Parking?)
    Monopoly  knows their audience
  6. They know when to be respectful and quiet during disasters. 
    Monopoly etiquette
  7. Some companies have “Throwback Thursdays”, Monopoly has “Frequency Friday” where they give out a piece of game trivia on the frequency of a particular event happening in a game. They set themselves apart from the competition.
    Monopoly frequency friday 
  8. They utilize hashtags. Yep, they do reference throwback Thursday albeit not the traditional way, but via the use of hashtag #tbt
    Monopoly uses hashtags 
  9. They share applicable industry news
    Monopoly Industry news 
  10. They share content from unsuspecting partners, like this post from Hormel.
    Monopoly shares partner content

What do you think? Is there a brand that you think rocks on Facebook? Please list their Facebook URL  in the comments below.

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