10 Social Media Conferences in 2012 You Won’t Want to Miss

I have hunted for a while on social media conferences that I think I would get a lot out of – even if it is just a couple of nuggets. I want to attend something that I can sink my teeth into and be excited about, rather than thinking, “tell me something I don’t know” or “Hmm, I could give this talk.”

So, after a bit of research, here are the ones I think are worth while in 2012:

  1. Social Media Conference – Jan 23-25, 2012, Miami, FL
  2. Small Biz Success Summit – Feb 1-23, 2012 (online) 
  3. Social Media Strategies Summit – Feb 7-9, 2012, Las Vegas, NV
  4. Inside Social Apps – Feb 8-9, 2012, San Francisco, CA
  5. SXSW Interactive – Mar 9-13, 2012, Austin, TX
  6. Where Conference – Apr 2-4, 2012, San Francisco, CA (location based/mobile)
  7. Social Slam – Apr 27, 2012, Knoxville, TN
  8. Social Media Summit – May 23, 2012, Harrisburg, PA (FREE)
  9. BlogHer12 – Aug 2-4, 2012, New York, NY
  10. BlogWorld and New Media Expo, June 5-7, 2012, New York, NY

There are other conferences out there that are topic specific for people such as Food bloggers, Wine bloggers, Beer bloggers and Pet bloggers. And if you are in the medical/pharma field, there are a bunch of international social media conferences in London, Paris, and one in Boston or in Financial services, the LIMRA social media conference is a good one. It seems like whatever your niche is, there’s a social media/marketing conference for it.

Know of one that is worthy of a mention that’s not on my list? List it below so everyone else can benefit. Thanks!

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