10 Ways To Establish Your Expertise In Your Niche

So many times I get asked from clients or students on how to establish their expertise in a particular subject. According to Malcolm Gladwell, you need to do something for 10,000 hours or 10 years in order to be considered an expert. So it doesn’t happen overnight.

However, in about 6-12 months time you can certainly establish yourself or your company as a go-to resource for your industry or niche.

Here are 10 ways you can establish your expertise in your industry or niche:

  1. Start a blog.
    Starting your own blog can be time consuming, even if you only post one day a week. But it’s a great way to establish credibility and give something to your audience for free at the same time.  It’s also great SEO for your website.
  2. Comment on industry content.
    You already keep up on your industry news by reading blogs or publications. So, if you don’t have time to write a blog, you can always take a few minutes each day (or one day a week) to comment on other blogs or online news in your industry.
  3. Answer industry questions on Twitter, LinkedIn Answers, LinkedIn Groups, Quora, or industry website forums.
    Believe it or not, many of these platforms have ways of marking the answers as “best” answer or “most helpful.” They are also public platforms where tens of thousands of people in your industry will see your response, thus making you or your company top of mind next time they need something.
  4. Start posting content on the social network where your industry hangs out.
    As every good marketer knows, doing the research up front on where your industry hangs out is where you want to establish you or your company as the leader/go-to person in that industry. Find one and start posting relevant content that the audience finds valuable.
  5. Develop PowerPoint presentations.
    Slide decks can be an easy way of putting visually compelling content out there that will be remarkable and memorable.  By developing presentations and sharing them on a public site like SlideShare gives you greater visibility. But you also need to promote it via social media outlets, your LinkedIn profile, your website, and your email signature.
  6. Publicly speak on your topic.
    You can get speaking opportunities by either joining a speaker’s bureau in your area, being on a panel, speaking at a nonprofit event. Start off small if necessary and build your resume.
  7. Write a whitepaper, an article for a reputable publication, or an eBook/book.
    An eBook or book will certainly garner you public speaking opportunities. However, you can also write white papers which can further lead to you participating on panel discussions. Also even if you write an op-ed piece for a reputable online publication, your byline will list your name, your title, and your company.
  8. Develop ‘how-to’ videos and post them on YouTube and properly tag them with keywords associated with your industry.
    How-to videos are one of the most popular video types searched for and viewed on YouTube. It doesn’t have to be  a short film. A simple 2-5 minute video on how to do something that others struggle with is key. The key here is to make sure you are solving a problem that the audience is struggling with or entertaining them.
  9. Offer free Webinars on a particular topic within your niche.
    If you do offer a free Webinar make sure that your audio/video work well (test them first). Also, you’ll need to promote the Webinar through social media and through industry online publications or forums.
  10. Guest blog for another site within your niche.
    If you are an individual, you may have to do it free or you may get paid, but in either case you’ll start to establish yourself as a go-to person on that topic. If you are a company, then consider having a company spokesperson be the face of the guest blog representing your company and make sure your company gets mentioned in the bio (with a link, if possible, to your website).
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