12 Awesome Infographic Resumes For Various Job Types

Oh how I love infographics and I love the infographic resume. So creative and But some would say that the infographic resume isn’t for everyone and that it should just be limited to graphic designers. Oh, I so disagree! Having been a hiring manager for over a decade I think creativity goes a long way in getting a job and it certainly makes you stand out in an already crowded sea of resumes.

If you are not a designer or not all that tech savvy there’s no need to panic. There are plenty of sites out there to help you make your resume graphically appealing such as,, and Picktochart.
Note: Keep in mind that graphic resumes don’t usually upload into career site resume uploaders, so have a text one on hand for those instances.

Below are infographic resumes for various job types from journalists and social media strategists to operations managers and disaster recovery.

[slideshare id=13186825&doc=12awesomeinfographicresumes-120603221124-phpapp02]

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