12 Places To Get Blog Ideas and Inspiration

How to and where to submit your blogIf you blog then you know that sometimes it’s hard to get inspiration to sit down and crank out a blog. For some, it comes easier than it does for others. And even the best writers get writers block. When I tell people that I write a daily blog and sometimes I even guest blog, they always respond with, “wow, that’s a lot!” — and they’re right. Even I get writer’s block sometimes.

But when I get writers block or am bored about writing about the same things (remember the surge of Pinterest posts?), I have certain places I go to for inspiration and ideas. But first I check my drafts file. Yes, drafts file. Sometimes when I see an article that I’d like to write a counter opinion too or think I can write it better I create a draft blog, copy and paste the URL that inspired me but I don’t have time to deal with right now and then come back to it. I always check my drafts first. However, if they fail me, here’s where I go.

In no particular order, here are 12 places to get blog ideas:

  1. – AllTop is a content curating site of blogs from all over the web that has, what seems like, every topic under the sun covered.
  2. – I set myself up to have all of the blogs that I would “like to read daily” in a feed on so that I get one email with everything in it.
  3. – I follow a few peeps who have created Scoops on specific topics that I am interested in like Facebook, social media, thought leadership, etc.
  4. Google alerts – Every once in a while Google will pull something that I didn’t get in my Inbox from somewhere else.  So it’s a nice fall back.
  5. LinkedIn Groups – I belong to 53 groups and I get daily digest emails. I know that seems like a lot of email. But it’s super easy to flag one that has a topic in it that you might be interested in reading later.
  6. LinkedIn Answers – What better place to go to write a blog than to where people are asking questions on topics in your niche? Seems like a no-brainer.
  7. – same as LinkedIn Answers. It’s a goldmine for ideas and fosters creativity in coming at things from different angles.
  8. – Often times when I am on Twitter I don’t have time to read something in the moment. So I “favorite” them on Twitter and then read them when I do have time. It’s a nice way to go back to a list of interesting topics.
  9. Your comments – often times readers leave comments where things aren’t clear to them or they have a difference of opinion, or better yet, they have a question you can answer in a blog format.
  10. Google Analytics – many people type in questions to find information. Check your Google Analytics to see what questions and keywords people typed in to find your blog in the first place.
  11. Update a previous post – sometimes posts are out of date, especially if they are not promoting evergreen content (content that is timeless in its accuracy).
  12. Top 10 lists or How-To articles – these are always great because people like things that are simple, that can help them, and that are easy to digest.  (eh’em… where do you think the inspiration for this article came from?). Just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean that the average person reading your blog knows how to do it. You’d be surprised. I wrote an article on “tagging” in social media after two years because I thought everyone knew what that was, but that wasn’t the case.

Where do you get your blog ideas and inspiration from? Please share below.



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