2 New Google+ Features: Trends and Chats

GooglePlusGoogle+ is slowly rolling out new features and not making a big deal about them. We’ve seen the Internet giant borrow from other social networks and tweak features to make them better, like the Pause Stream button (when doing a search on Google+ and looking at “Most Recent”). This feature is a direct borrow from the Twitter stream, except Twitter doesn’t have a pause feature. But Google+ does. And now they’ve borrowed more from Twitter.

The first is the ability to chat with others who have you in mutual circles. Previously you could only chat with folks if you had their email address. But now you can chat with anyone you have in a circle and who has added you back. Sound familiar? It should remind you of Direct Messaging on Twitter.  According to their FAQ, “when you and your contacts have each other in Circles, you’ll be able to chat with them across Google properties such as Gmail, Google Plus, iGoogle, Orkut, and the Google Talk Client, ” and that’s just the beginning. As previously suspected, Google will be integrating Plus into all of their products eventually.

The second small feature that rolled out is another borrow from Twitter which is the “trending topics” when doing a search. Once you do a search for anything, a ‘trending” column pops up on the right. (see below)

People have been talking a lot about how Google is going to wipe out Facebook, but should Twitter be worried now too?

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