25 Twitter Tools For All Of Your Marketing Needs

Twitter is something you either love or hate. Most people think it’s a waste of time. But for those of us who do understand its potential and love it, here are 25 Twitter tools to help you do just that (plus have a little fun)!

Clever Marketing

  1. – Let’s you customize a tweet via a link for your readers to tweet out. Like this.
  2. Twitter Content Locker – One of my faves. Let’s you hide text and expose it to your readers if they tweet something for WordPress sites/blogs.
  3. Faves Widget – Show off all of the tweets your “favorited” in a widget on your website or blog.
  4. Facebook Twitter widget – Allows you to share your most recent Twitter updates with your Facebook friends.
  5. Twitter Symbols – If your industry uses symbols a lot, here is a handy site to bookmark that offers all of the Unicode symbols you need for your tweets or your bio.

Finding People to Follow/Unfollow non-followers

  1. – manage your Twitter account by unfollowing those who don’t follow you back, cleanup inactive accounts, follow new people, and force nasty people to unfollow you. You can also follow others who are following a specific Twitter profile, like your competition.
  2. – an online directory for Twitter users. You can add up to 5 categories to your profile.
  3. TweetAdder – Offers a free trial then one time $55 fee and automates Twitter following/unfollowing, auto-responders.
  4. FollowerWonk – Let’s you search for people on Twitter by keywords in their bio. Great tool to follow people in your industry.
  5. Twinslator – If you need to tweet in a foreign language, this can help translate your tweet before your tweet it.
  6. GoTwitr – An online directory/referral service that is free and let’s you grow & build your follower community.
  7. TwitterLocal – Adobe AIR based application that allows you to filter Tweets by location.

Stats /ROI/Brand Monitoring

  1. –  provides statistics of Twitter usage and tracks over 24 million users. Also offers a Pro version for deeper statistics.
  2. – provides statistics of Twitter usage, who you RT the most, you you reply @ most, aggregate tweets by day and time, plus tweet cloud and your follower/friend charts.
  3. – find industry influencers, identify opportunities for engagement, & determine which hashtags your audience is using.
  4. TwitterGrader – from HubSpot, a tool that let’s you know how you are doing on Twitter.
  5. HootSuite – allows you to schedule tweets, measure your tweet’s reach, and monitor your brand.
  6. Tweetlevel – measures your influence on Twitter only.
  7. – provides free engagement statistics on clicks, top links tweeted, follower demographic information. Also measures loyalty, timing and trending for $19/month.
  8. Tweetbeep – gives you hourly email alerts for every time you,your company,  products, or anything keyword is mentioned.
  9. TweetReach – measures how many people your tweet reached on the social grid.
  10. – let’s your tweets reach their full potential of people by analyzing when the best time is to schedule your tweets. It looks at the last 199 tweets you did.

Just For Fun (because we all need to have a little fun sometimes)

  1. Thsrs – let’s you type in a long word and gives you a shorter word – ideal for Twitter users to tweet less characters.
  2. Twitter Tussle – let’s you battle it out by putting key words against each other. But you can also use people, for example I put “Bieber” vs “Gaga” and the Biebs won with 180 TPM (tweets per minute) compared to Gaga at 44.7 TPM.
  3. Cloud611 – a mosaic of your Twitter followers or Twitter friends (mutual follow). (see below)

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