How to Convert a Facebook Personal Profile to a Fan Page

After reading Mike Sansone’s blog about how he was inspired by my act to leave Facebook, but chose to convert his personal page to a fan page instead of deletion, I was inspired to create this how-to do it post. Facebook has what they call a “help section” on this, but as usual, it’s completely unhelpful.  Before I dive into the few steps it takes to do this, see what you think (left):

So, as you can see, it never really answers the question on how to convert my personal account to a Facebook page. I don’t know about you but Help sections on websites that don’t actually answer the question, I find quite frustrating.

Anyway, enough of my rant, here’s how you do it:

1. Log into your personal Facebook account as normal

2. Go to your Account Settings and download your data to preserve your photos, links, posts, etc.  This preserves them on your computer in a .ZIP file, but there are only a few things that will transfer over when you migrate your page.

– All your confirmed friends and subscribers will be converted to people who like your new Page.

– Your profile pictures will be migrated to your new Page.

– Your username will become your Page’s Facebook web address.

To download your data, in Account settings, you should see something that looks like this. Download your data by clicking on the link.

3. This is the important step that’s missing, go to the Facebook migration tool. You should see a message like this:

4. Pick your page option and create your page (such as local business or place, artist, cause, etc). NOTE: This is where you can change the name of your page (like get rid of your maiden name or call it your company name.

5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and then you will get a warning message:

6. When you’re sure – click Confirm and you are good to go.  NOTE: This is NOT REVERSIBLE. So be VERY sure.

This is great for businesses or CEO’s who have not made the leap yet to Facebook Fan pages


– You get new fans instantly

– You can utilize the Timeline feature to make a kick-ass impression on your customers/clients

– You didn’t lose touch with anyone

– You only have to manage one Facebook entity


– You just mashed your two worlds of business and personal

– You have to be careful how often you post business content so that your new fans won’t get annoyed and hide you or leave

– You will have to monitor your fan page a tad more closely to make sure extremely personal or sensitive information is not posted by your fans that you wouldn’t want posted

Well, what do you think? Was this useful? Will you try it?

Update 5/17/12: If you do this and decide you want to go back to your personal account, you can fill out this Facebook form:

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About Tracy Sestili

Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.


  1. Great “How-To” – especially the downloading of your data. I did create a “stealth” page for personal family and friends (thanks to your previous tips) which helps separate biz and non-biz. Thanks for doing this, I’ll pass this to folks asking how.

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Thanks Mike! I was definitely inspired by your post. I had thought about converting my page but I created my current fan page for my writing and I’m just not interested in the upkeep for a social media fan page too. Too much work.

  2. Thank you for this information. I am preparing to make the change.

  3. Tracy, very interesting and I never thought to do that. I love knowing this but I’m afraid many of my friends would be a little surpised to find themselves fans of my page vs. friends. This may work well for a small business owner who does a lot of business with friends though. Thanks for writing it up!

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Thanks Tom. I think if you really use Facebook for personal stuff a lot, then this would probably not be a good option for you.

  4. Astonishing Big Value “How to” post for me right now!
    I am going to rush and try that!

    10000 thanks :-)

  5. cloudninegirl says:

    Question: I am helping a horse rescue group with their new web site and their Facebook page. They have been using a Facebook personal page as their home base for many years, and it will be catastrophic to lose every post, comment and picture during a conversion to a fan page. we are weighing our options because they understand that they need to convert their page. I have read that ALL personal pages will be converted to Timeline format on February 24th (in two days).

    My first question is, should they wait a few days to convert from a personal page to a fan page, on the off chance that the new Timeline format will retain their content?

    My second question is very important too. If they convert to Timeline in a few days without converting their page to a fan page, will the Timeline format prevent them from converting their personal page to a fan page?

  6. We have been using a profile page for the last 3.5 years on facebook and our “friend” list has grown to 3,300. It’s time to do the conversion before we hit our max friend amount of 5,000 and to also follow the rules properly. Just curious, do I start the process by posting on our wall that in x amount of days we will be converting, or just do it since they all should be transferred over any ways? Also, if I run an ad from the profile page can I convert that as well or do I need to delete that and start all over again from the business page. Any help would be great as the Facebook Help page is lame.

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      All you need to do us convert it.
      Keep in mind that everyone is moving to Timeline in a few weeks. As for the ad, not sure.

  7. Hi Tracy,
    I have converted my FB to a page but I seem to have lost some great tools. I now cannot search other businesses or people. You know you that button was at the top for searching, it is gone. Also once I leave the page there is no home button to get me back. I either have to log out or use my back arrow. Is there something I am missing?
    Love to hear from you.

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Kim,
      Every fan page has a personal profile attached to it as the Administrator. You should have those options under your personal profile. The Admin section can be hidden with the new Timeline. If you hide that and scroll all the way up, you should see the search bar regardless of whether you are in a fan page or a personal profile. You can also use your fan page as your fan page (not your personal profile) to search and like other companies.

  8. Does anyone know what happens to online ad campaigns, if you convert to a Facebook page? Do they remain online in my new account and can I still see my old ads? Does my funding source remain?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Sippe, not sure. Is there a way for you to add your new account as an admin of the ad campaigns? If not, then I wouldn’t think there’s a way to maintain it once you convert.

      • Thanks for the tip! I added another admins, but I’m still worried about the ongoing campaigns. I have to do some tests…

  9. Elsy White says:

    Hi when converting to fan page will I lose all my messages? Even from friends inbox?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Elsy, yes – you will lose all messages with the merge (for the page you are not keeping).

  10. meadhbh says:

    when i follow this link:
    the yellow box doesn’t come up and it only says create a page
    I have tried this and it doesn’t convert my page it just creates an admin page.
    Any advice?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      That’s the correct link. You need to go through the steps of creating a page and then you’ll get the option to convert your personal profile to a page. Follow the steps outlines above.

  11. Once I download my informaiton and convert the page, how do I upload the informaiton back?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Virginia, you can’t upload it back with any specific steps – unfortunately it’s a manual process. It is most easy to do this for photos and notes, but you won’t be able to upload posts or comments for example.

  12. tangerinebliss says:

    I just converted my personal account to a page yesterday but was totally disappointed to see that only 200 out of 5035 contacts i have were converted into “like”. Is there a way to recover the other 4800+ and turn them into “like”?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      That just means that they were already fans. Facebook won’t convert people that are already fans. You shouldn’t have lost anyone. And if for some reason there was a glitch, then no, there is no way to get them back or undo the conversion.

      • tangerinebliss says:

        what do you mean they were already fans? the 200 contacts? i just thought that once you convert to page, ALL CONTACTS will turn into “likes”. this is sad. :(

        • Tracy Sestili says:

          No, Facebook isn’t going to count them twice. If they were fans of your Fan Page prior to you converting your personal profile and merging it, they will not become a fan of the Fan page twice. You were reaching the same amount of people before as you are now. The only difference is that they are not getting the message twice. (yay!)

  13. Hello, I did the switch from a profile page to a fan page by following these steps and only 190 out of 5000 friends transferred to the new fan page…… if you have any way to help me with this it would be great!


    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Josh, I’m not sure what happened here because all 5000 should have converted over. I did this for someone with 3500 fans and all 3500 transferred over. So perhaps it’s just slow? I’m not sure, but something doesn’t sound right. In fact, Facebook’s documentation says that all “friends” will become fans automatically.

      • Ok Thanks. I now have 416 that have converted so I’m just going to wait it out and hope they all come back. After that I will need to merge my other fan page with this one and have just one page to manage all of our friends. Thanks

        • Tracy Sestili says:

          Oh good. I was a bit nervous there for you. We have another blog here that shows you how to merge. You can google Merge Multiple Facebook Pages and it will come up. Good luck!

          • So after a couple days my number stayed at 416 likes after having 5000 friends. This did not work and is very disappointing.

          • Tracy Sestili says:

            Hmm Josh, I am very disappointed to hear that. As I’ve said, we have not had that problem in converting profiles to pages on Social Strand. What’s the link to your page? Facebook even says, “When you convert your personal account to a Facebook Page, we’ll transfer your current profile picture and add all your friends and subscribers as people who like your Page. ” ( So, obviously, something went wrong, but we’re just not sure what.

  14. Hi,
    I have the saem problem as Josh. Only 365 of the 5000 friends are on the new page.
    I converted to a page yesterday. Do you just have to wait? How long does it normally take?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Paul, it shouldn’t take that long. It should render within 24-48 hrs. If it doesn’t then you are going to have to contact Facebook. We have never encountered this problem.

    • I’m also experiencing the same issue as Paul and Josh. My client’s profile had around 5,000 friends and post-conversion only 211 are showing up as fans.

      I’ve previously converted 3 client profiles to pages in the past, and the friend conversions usually happen right away and finish within an hour of initiating the conversion. So I’m concerned facebook either isn’t processing these friends/fans correctly or there’s a huge delay in the system this week.

  15. Hi,

    When I coverted my profile to a page yesterday, only 365 out of 5000 are now likes.
    How long should it normally take?? Im not happy….

  16. I too had the same problem with conversion. My client had 5000 friends. Made the transfer and only 241 made it over. I am worried because this client is going to be very disappointed when I share this information with them. Is there some kind of glitch in the system?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Denise, this seems to be a bug that FB doesn’t look to worried about fixing. It’s only been reported on profiles that have reached the 5,000 friend maximum. I haven’t seen anyone report it on profiles that have been converted with less than 5,000 friends so that may have something to do with it. Not sure when we’ll see a resolution.

  17. Hi! You seem to be the most knowledgable of all the sites I’ve researched on this topic. So I have some questions for you if you don’t mind :) Once I convert one (out of the 2 I have) personal profile’s to a fan page, can I then make my real personal page an admin? Also, under “employment” on my personal page, can I link my newly converted business page there and if people click on it will it bring them directly to my newly converted business page? I’ve heard the converted pages won’t work, but not sure if they fixed this.
    Last question, how do I make it so that people can tag me or I can tag them in photos?
    THanks so much for your help!

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Kim, thanks. So yes, you should make your real personal page an admin. That will be the only way to modify it. Yes, you can put the link to your new FB page (converted from personal profile) under Employment. Anyone can tag any person or fan page in a post or photo. They just need to ‘like’ your fan page or be friends with your personal profile. For your personal profile you’ll need to check your Privacy Settings to make sure you allow people to tag you. For your fan page, anyone who ‘likes’ it can tag it. Hope that helps. p.s. would love it if you wrote a brief review about your experience on this site on

  18. Just thought I would add my comments on here. I converted my business profile to a page as it made sense to get our customers interacting with us. Unlike the other posts we only had 250 friends on this profile and after conversion we had………………………………………………………….. four likes. Luckily we are at the beginning of our social media marketing and it won’t take long to build up again but at the same time this problem seems to be rife and not affecting just the large profiles but also the small ones too.

    Anyone looking to convert their profile with any number of friends, I suggest that you;

    a) email all your friends and let them know what you are doing and alert them that they may have to like your new page.

    b) place a post on your existing profile for a few days prior to the conversion to double warn everyone.

    c) don’t forget to make a download of your archive.

    d) if you’re not the gambling sort……. don’t do it. Recently I have heard loads of horror stories about 4000+ friends being lost forever, vanity url names being lost and business profiles being refused reversal.

    IMHO wait a few months to see if this is a bug and check forums like this one to see if the problem has been solved by Facebook.

    Stay safe


    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Thanks Kenny, all great advice. There have been some horror stories reported here too. People losing 5000 friends. I haven’t tried it recently, but I did try it about 3 months ago and it was working fine. So, hopefully it’s a bug and will be fixed soon.

      • RenCen CoolBeanz says:

        So some how I have 5400+ friends on my personal facebook page. Dunno how. but I have a fan page with over a thousand and I WANT TO MERGE THEM BUTTTTTT…. after reading this stuff I’m totally shaking in my frigging boots. Tracy is this something that you do for people?

        • RenCen CoolBeanz says:

          On top of that I have 500+ friend request on hold. and when you convert them over can you still search and post on your fans pages or chat with them?

          • Tracy Sestili says:

            I would send each one of these people a note that says that you are flattered, but in the process of moving everyone over to your fan page and you are getting rid of your personal profile and then politely ask them to like your fan page. then delete the friend request.

        • Tracy Sestili says:

          Hi RenCen, I do do this for people, but I’d be afraid to do this now given the amount of feedback that has been happening of late. It seems that Facebook has a bug and I’m not sure when they are going to fix it. I would recommend for you to put up a note and let people know of the new fan page (or even send them a message – you can message up to 25 people at a time). As they become fans, unfriend them. I’m not sure how you have 5400 friends as I’ve always known the limit to be 5000.

  19. Hello there, i have a big problem, i hope ill find a solution here. i converted my account to a page, and i forgot to add new admins to it. i am now the only admin, and i cannot see (as well) my account. so i cannot now add admins, even my other account. and for sure i am not an administrator. what do you think i can do?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Look at the top right corner of Facebook when you are logged in. Under Voice, what does it say? If it says you are logged in under your page, then switch to your personal account. If not, then not sure what to tell you, but I suspect that’s the case. Once you are logged in as your personal account and go to your Page you can add other members to be managers (admins). Cheers.

      • the fact that when i use it as an account, i just can see “your pages”(my pages). i cant make any other moves.

        • Tracy Sestili says:

          Yes you can. In upper right click on the down arrow or click on Home. If you click on the down arrow and you don’t see your page listed, then click on Home, and on the left side under Pages all of the pages you belong to will be there.

    • Hi Rami, what is the conversion like? Did all of your friends become fans or did you lose some? Is everything else the same? Anything you regret about the switch?

  20. Sophie Walter says:

    Hi There,

    I’m also looking for some advice.

    I am trying to convert a Profile page to a Fan page for a client so that I can then merge several Fan pages into 1. I’ve downloaded the entire account including the archive so I have all information relating to previous posts and photo’s. I’ve tried to then convert it and it says that I need to do it from a computer that has previously used FB for his specific Profile Page. Being that he’s based abroad and I’m in the UK, this isn’t going to be possible. I’ve filled out a contact form and sent it through to FB but not had a reply. Any ideas?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Sophie,
      When you log in as him on your computer, does it ever ask you about the security settings set up that ask if you want to label the device that is accessing the account? I think that may what be prohibiting you. If not, it could be a security thing w FB and converting accounts not in the same country.

      • Hi Tracy,
        You are a GENIUS! I did exactly what you said and it worked a treat, thank you so much for your help, I will definitely be referring back to your site for any more helpful hints and tips!

        Kind regards,


        • Tracy Sestili says:

          Aw, genius?? Nah, but thanks so much Sophie for coming back to report your success. I’m always happy to hear when people have success on the blog from something I’ve written. Thanks!

  21. Let’s say you have a personal page and a fan page, and you want to close your personal page and migrate friends and subscribers to your fan page? Can you do this, or does migration only work when are creating a new fan page?

    Also, in the case of a successful migration, does the personal page cease to exist, or is it still there?

    And…if the personal page ceases to exist, what would happen to other fan pages of which I am the creator and/or sole admin?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Okay Rob, let me see if I understand you here. So if you have a personal profile and a fan page, you should be able to convert the personal profile to a page and merge with the fan page. However, if you just want to delete your personal profile (which is what I did), and migrate people over to your Fan page, the only way to do that is to let them do it organically. (meaning there is no magic button to push to make this happen). Typically people post a note on their personal profile stating to their friends that they will not be posting there anymore and will only be posting on the fan page moving forward and invite people to ‘like’ that page. Or they send them private notes. It’s a time consuming process which is why most people opt to convert the personal profile to a page (because all of those friends become ‘likes’). And there’s no guarantee that people are going to go over to your Fan page and hit the ‘like’ button. HOWEVER, the merge option doesn’t always show up for some people and it usually has to do with a range of items like : username not being the same (not vanity url), the address not being the same, etc.

      Now although I deleted my personal profile (with 600 “friends”), I had to create another personal profile in order to maintain the other pages I was an Admin of for my clients. Because Facebook REQUIRES that all Fan Pages be connected to a personal profile. So I created a new personal profile but put it in stealth mode where people can’t friend me, I have to friend them. You can’t look me up via search. My profile does not come in search engines. Only my Fan Page does. I wrote another blog back in January about why I quit Facebook. You can read it here:

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

      • Tracy,

        Apparently you can indeed create fan pages without a personal page. I found several articles about that, and that Facebook most likely did it so people who manage social media for their employer could do so without their personal page being attached to their employer’s fan page.

        But what you said at first is more what I was looking for. So are you saying that if I have an existing personal page and an existing fan page, that I can merge my personal page into the fan page and all my personal friends will become fan page likes?

        • Tracy Sestili says:

          Hi Rob, what I said is that you can convert your personal profile into a page and then merge. And please copy and paste one of those articles in here about creating a page without having a personal account, i’d love to read it. Thanks!

  22. Hi, have to convert my account to page.
    { }
    How to change my account name to the fan page name i want.??
    i cant abe to change my account name to my fan page name directy in account settings.
    is that possibe to change the name while converting???

  23. Hi Tracy,
    Hoping you can help…. we converted a personal profile to a page, downloaded all of the info and now can’t find any way to upload the info (specifically the posts and comments) back to the page…. have we lost them forever? Have searched forever on FB but their “help” pages do anything but….

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Leanne, you can upload the photos as milestones, but you can’t upload the posts and comments. You have them for posterity, but that’s about it.

  24. I am stuck and wonder if you have any ideas. I converted my personal profile to a business page today. Before converting I requested an archive and an expanded archive. They sent a file. I checked the link for photos. At that time I was able to see the photo’s. Converted profile to page. Set it up and went to add photos from archive and realized what they sent me was an archive of links to the original profile. The original profile is now a page and all the photos are gone. Grrrr! Followed the order Facebook said to do this so I wouldn’t lose my data and now I am lost. Wrote a letter to Facebook and have not heard anything back. We had a ton of before and after pics and wedding pics that seem to have evaporated. Any ideas? Also had a page previously for the business without much activity. Sent a request to merge them and haven’t heard anything either. also, one of my staff looked at the page and it had a message on it that asks if she knows the person who owns this company. As if it needs to be claimed by someone yet I can’t open a personal profile to claim it. It is already linked to my email address so they aren’t allowing me to open a personal profile with it. I log in as me and am transported to a page allowing me to choose which page I would like to edit etc.

  25. I’m prepared to lose all posts so I can start over (our government just approved an anti-libel law that makes writing a negative review illegal) but what I want to know is if I can still view my friends’ posts after conversion? I do have an existing page (and plan to merge with that when I have converted my personal profile), and I noticed the only things that appear on my newsfeed are updates from pages I have liked and not individuals. Is there a way to view updates of individuals or should I subscribe to all of them manually?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      For personal profiles – if you subscribe you will definitely see them, otherwise, FB determines what’s relevant based on your interactions with your friends. This doesn’t apply to Pages.

      • Hm. I switched to Page view and tried subscribing to an individual but there is no “subscribe” link anywhere, even when I clicked the “subscribers” link. Hopefully FB allows this for pages, too, so I can still keep track of individuals that I find interesting.

  26. Thanks for great info!!

    My main question is: If I change my personal FB account to a new FB Page, will it retain the same username (and URL)? I have a ton of cards printed with my profile URL and would like to continue using that URL.

    Example: A personal profile of
    When converted to a Page, will it still be ?

    Thanks a million!!

  27. I am migrating my account to a “business ” account i downloaded all photo etc when one is migrating does it ask at any point to upload that zip file? how does one get the photos back on the page? thanks

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi April, it doesn’t offer you to upload the zip file (although wouldn’t that be a great enhancement?) instead you have to upload them back manually. I would open the zip file first and download the pics to a new folder on your computer b/c sometimes FB gives you a link to the picture, rather than the jpg. And once you convert you’d have trouble accessing the links to the pics.

  28. If you already have a “fan” page associated with your personal, will that interfere with converting the personal page into a “fan” page? Should we delete the existing “fan” page?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      OKAY – you NEED a PERSONAL PROFILE to manage your Page. ALL PAGES need a personal profile behind them. The only reason to convert is if you have a lot of “friends” on a personal profile and you want them to become fans of your fan page. And in your case, if you have a lot of friends AND have a Fan page either: a) delete your existing Fan Page or b) if it has a decent amount of fans and you have a decent amount of friends, then you’d want to convert the personal profile to a Page and them Merge the pages, BUT NOT BEFORE you create a personal profile so that you can attach it to your Fan page once you convert (and BEFORE you merge).

  29. Can anyOne tell me What is the actual benefit of this feature ?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Yeah – it’s when you have a lot of friends and now your personal brand needs its own Facebook Fan Page. Instead of asking people to come over and ‘like’ your new fan page, you can just convert your personal profile to a fan page and they will automatically become fans. That’s the benefit.

  30. I am freaking out because I manage a facebook page of an artist who had over 5000 friends and has a fan page of more then 28,000 likes. I wanted to mange one page being the fan page. So i created facebook page and followed the above directions and facebook prompts now I find the facebook page to have O likes and no information being transferred!!

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Rani, don’t freak out. First, I assume when you say you “created a Facebook page” that you actually converted a personal profile to a page? Don’t worry. It takes time for the fans to show up if you converted. Some of the other readers have left comments that it has taken up to 72 hours. Once the fans start showing up, you can merge the pages. Cheers.

  31. I can’t get on my facebook timeline or wall. When I sign in I get the Convert to page, page. There are no other choice. So I go back, that signs me out. When I sign back in, I get the Convert to page, page. I have tried everything with no help. Facebook doesn’t contact me. It’s been over 3 days. I just want my messages and to talk to friends. I don’t want to convert, I don’t have a business or any other reason to convert. I don’t know why this is happening? CAn you help me?

  32. Plzzz help me

    How to get my old fb a/c any other choice??

    my profile
    convert to page
    how to remove this?????

  33. Joe Morris says:

    Hi there

    I have just tried to migrate my personal profile to a ‘page’, but I actually want to change my user name to my business’ name. It appears this is no longer possible as described in point 4 in your instructions above. When I input a the business name facebook gives me a error message the says ‘your user name must be the same or similar to your personal profile’

    Is there a way around this?

    I hope so because its pretty lame if you cant :(


    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Joe, we don’t know the steps you took or the page you are referencing so we can’t really help you. Sorry. We can see how you’d get that message when choosing a name for a personal profile, but not for a Page. We’ve created and converted lots of personal profiles to pages for companies and we’ve never received that error.

  34. I migrated a facebook profile to a facebook page, so profile is gone. Page looks okay, however, I cannot add admins to the page. Not via the admin panel, nor via the likes list ‘make admin’ button. Nothing happens. Any suggestions? When I login when the email address of old profile, I end at the new page, but I want to add my personal profile as admin to the new page.

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Nancy, has your personal profile “liked” your page? You need to like it before you can be an admin. Also, if that’s not the case, then check the voice.

      • Hi Tracy, Yes I did.. And still I cannot add myself as an admin, nor one of the other fans … very annoying. Any suggestions?

      • Tracy I have added myself as ‘a fan’, however, I cannot make myself admin, nor any other fan. Any suggestions?

        • Tracy Sestili says:

          Nancy, sounds like you have 2 different emails for 2 different profiles. One is admin and one is not. Try logging in as each one and seeing if that helps. Otherwise, not sure as its hard to troubleshoot without seeing what you are seeing. You could also try to send a message to the page (if you turned that feature on) and see where it goes. Because that’s the email that’s the admin.

          • Hi Tracy, I’ll try to explain the steps we took:

            1. registered at Facebook with email adres (ex.), created regular profile page.
            Because it’s an organisation we
            2. logged in with adres and migrated to a fanpage
            all fans (+/- 20) are migrated from friends to fans. One of the fans has adres, and should become second admin (next to

            So, we login with (the old profile) and after signin in, we can only go the new page. Then go to admin panel – edit page – admin roles.
            When I want to type in the name of a fan to make admin, nothing, really nothing happens.
            When I got to the list of fans, and click on ‘Make Admin’, I end up again at the admin roles screen, but no additional admin added. Not even an error message.
            Here and there on forum I see I’m not the only one, but nowhere I find an answer.. And Facebook doesn’t seem to have any support people :-(

          • Tracy Sestili says:

            So bbb@ has ‘liked’ the new page and you still can’t make bbb an admin? And you’ve checked the voice and that’s not the issue? Can you do any other admin functions? if not, Then it’s a possibility that you locked yourself out. And if that’s the case then only FB can prob help you.

  35. Hi all,

    I have been reading on the question and answers here. I see somewhat what is mainly being stated however I feel my situation is a tad unique. This is related to the company I work for and do social media marketing for. When Facebook originally came about, someone before me created a ‘friend’ page because I think at first ‘fan’ pages were not there or something. Then, under the same email and password login, we created a fan page. so using 1 login we can access both pages.

    We are wanting to keep the fan page but disable or possibly delete the friend page. i did post an update about us only using our fan page and sent a message. I dont know if this makes sense. But I am not sure how to disabled the one or delete it (if that is safe) and keep the fan page intact and not lose it. probalbly should not have created then both under 1 login but too late now! thanks!!

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Lori- your situation is not unique. It’s the same. You can either keep posting messages on your “friend” profile and tell people you are abandoning it by such and such a date or you can convert the friend profile to a page and then see if you get the Merge option. HOWEVER I MUST STRESS for you to read the other blogs regarding merging your pages as depending on your situation, it may not be possible. One page must have under 200 likes. They have to have the same name (not vanity URL, just page name) and the same address, etc. So PLEASE READ the other posts on this before you decide to take that action on your own.

  36. Hi Tracy,

    I merged my personal with a music page. However I need to change the name of my music page (it was previously my given name and I have a new band name). Is there any way to do this with over 200 fans? Do I need to make it a personal page again and try to change the name from there and then migrate in the hopes it will think it is a duplicate name? Thanks.

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Jenny, once you convert your profile to a page you can’t go backwards. If you have over 200 fans, you won’t be able to change the name. You could try to create a new page with the appropriate band name and see if you can merge the existing page with the new page. That might work. Good luck.

  37. If only I read this post months ago, I wouldn’t have lost my account when I converted it to a fan page. Sad truth but it’s all my mistake.

  38. Thanks for posting this article Tracy. I’m attempting to convert a client’s personal profile into a fan page following the steps you posted however, after I click confirm (final step), I get this error message “Creating content with this name is not allowed. Try: Body of an error/warning message. Title is: Invalid Name”

    I have tried various names with the same result. Any advice? My client is very keen to have his profile converted and merged with his existing fan page as he has a great number of friends and wants to increase his fan count on his page.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Julie- I think your issue is how you are logged in . Usually that error comes from the voice or if you are logged in as the page rather than the personal profile.

  39. Awesome!!! I’m doing it now as I type this. I will use my new fan page to coincide with my blog!! Simple, informative and effective!!! A thousand thanx!!

  40. Any idea whether “subscribers” also convert along with “friends” when you go from a friend to a fan page?

  41. Tracy Sestili says:

    I’ve never actually tried it, but according to Facebook, no they do not convert over.

  42. I don’t think they do. However, if you create an archive there is a list of the subscribers you can notify of the shift.


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