Why Google+ Ripples is a Goldmine for Your Business

Last week I had the pleasure of talking to a new friend from Google Plus’ product development team.  During the conversation he asked me if I used Google+ Ripples. Rolled out in October last year, it seems to have flown under the wire – but it’s such a huge opportunity for marketers and brands to connect and amplify their message.

What is Google+ Ripples?

Google Plus Ripples allows you to see the virility of a post over time by showing you who shared your post and when they shared it.

How do you view Google+ Ripples?

On any post that is public, click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of any public post and click View Ripples. You will only be able to see Ripples if the post has been shared.

Why this is a goldmine for businesses?

By being able to see when your content is shared, over time, will tell you when the best time is to post your content. You’ll also be able to determine from this data your best frequency for posts. The second thing is it will tell you not only who your biggest brand supporters are, but also how big their network reach is. You’ll want to tailor your posts to be not only at the time when the most people share, but also when the people with the biggest number of followers share – which may be different.


Take a look at the above example.

Here’s a post from Darren Rowse, author and creator of ProBlogger. Darren shared this post on February 14, 2012. You can see how it spread immediately when it was posted and then later again on February 15th when Brian Clark shared it.

The reason Brian’s circle is larger is because Brian had more shares than the others who shared Darren’s post. Also, Brian’s share resulted in 2 additional smaller shares, whereas, the other shares did not.

Ripples only illustrates recent and public shares but below the diagram it shows you full stats and who your most valuable influencers are.

In addition, you can click on any public post and see how much it was shared, by whom, when,  and in what languages it was shared in.

Are you using Google+ Ripples for your marketing strategy? Has it helped you at all? Please share you experience in the comments below.

Still not sure how it works? Check out Tod Hirsch’s tutorial here:


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About Tracy Sestili

Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.


  1. I think the concept of tracking ripples is great, but I’m confused as to why it is limited to public posts. This is my struggle:

    If I post something public, my circles don’t get notice of it. But, if I post to all my circles, those that aren’t too large actually get a notification that I shared something with them and they are more likely to look at it.

    So do I sacrifice personal interaction for global ripple measurement?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Kathi – I’m not sure I am following. If you post public, are you saying that your circles don’t see it? They should. In fact, just to be certain, when I post something public, I post to “public”, “my circles” and to “extended circles” so that way I am not missing anyone. Have you tried that?

  2. I agree with Kathi, having Ripples only work on Public posts means that it only works with a small percentage of my posts. Ripples thereby encouraging users to post only to Public, but why? This breaks the best bit of GooglePlus – if we’re all just posting public then G+ is much less appealing to me.

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      I agree, if you are an individual who posts on Google+ I can see why you would find this feature not very useful. But as a brand, you want your stuff to go viral so you are almost always going to post your stuff public so that as many people as possible share your content. Do you agree?

  3. Actually, you are wrong when you say “Brian’s circle is larger is because Brian has more followers than the others”. The circle size is only impacted by the number of reshares. A person could have only five followers, but if all five re-share the post their circle will be larger.

  4. Great post Tracy. I just created this tutorial video on Ripples. Hope it adds to the conversation in some way.

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Thanks Tod! I just checked out your video. Very easy to follow. Nice job! Going to add the link to your video at the bottom of the post. Cheers!


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