How To Hide Your Page Likes On Facebook Timeline

Did you know that when you “Like” a brand’s page it shows up on your Timeline in the Likes tab, otherwise known as Favorites. With the new Timeline, you may have not realized that you can decide whether or not some of those pages you “like” show up on your profile or not. You can also hide your activity, although presumably you did that before you converted.

Why would you want to do that? Well, let’s say that you read the book Fifty Shades of Grey and you liked the Page, Facebook automatically added that to your Favorites under Books. Now do you want everyone such as your boss or co-workers to know you are reading hot steamy smut? Of course not! So here’s your chance to hide it.

The Favorites that you like have individual custom privacy settings and are categorized as: music, books, movies, television, games, athletes, sports teams, favorite sports, activities, interests, inspirational people. However, at the bottom of that list is a link that says “Other Pages You Like” and a discreet down arrow button. You’ll follow the same steps below to hide all of your pages.

How to hide your page likes on Facebook

I liked two of the singers on The Voice but let’s say I didn’t want people to know that I watched the show. (I don’t really care, I love The Voice). When I went in and liked Juliet Simms and Tony Lucca’s fan pages it automatically “publicly”added it to my Favorites under the Likes tab and it does that for all of your Likes. If I didn’t want others to see it, here’s how you change it:

1. Click on your Likes tab and then roll your mouse over the right side so that the Edit button appears. (tricky)

2. Using the drop down menu, select either Custom or Only Me.


3. Now if you scroll down the list of Favorites, just before you get to Likes, you’ll see “Other Pages You Like” and it also has a drop down button where you can customize the privacy setting for the rest of your Liked Pages.

4. When you are finished, click ‘Done Editing’. And now it’s no longer on your public timeline.

Keep in mind, the number of ‘Likes’ in your Favorites will not change, they just won’t show when someone clicks on your ‘Likes’ tab.

Personally, I recommend limiting these settings to Only Me or, to Custom if you are really sure of who you want to see them.

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About Tracy Sestili

Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.


  1. If you are a business, how do you hide the people who “like” your business facebook page?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Ashley, are you talking about the # of likes or the people in the upper right corner?

      • OOh, I have the same questions as Ashley. I just liked a facebook business page that doesn’t show how many likes it has. I’d love to hide my Likes because it’s new and I don’t have a whole lot of likes yet.

  2. I have the same question… on our business page there is a ‘Like’ box under the recommendations that displays all of the pages we liked. I have been searching for how to hide this box.

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      That’s a feature. Under Edit Page go to features and unclick the profiles you are featuring as featured likes.

      • Same problem on our business page….as per reply above, where do I find ‘features’ under the ‘edit page’?…there is none there? We do not want to make visible our customers who would ‘like’ our page as it allows our competitors to see who we do business with. There is a ‘manage permissions’ section however where you can select ‘posting ability’… but this appears only to affect the ‘posts’ made by others……but I want to hide the ‘likes’ made by others? Don’t know why Facebook makes it so difficult for folks to figure things out.

        • Tracy Sestili says:

          Hi Bill – first no one can see the people who like your page except for the Admins of the page. If I went to your page right now and clicked on the Likes tab, I would only see the total #, but I can’t actually see who those people are. Second, I’m not sure if I understand fully what you are saying. If you are saying that you don’t want your competitors to see your fans who like your specific content, then Facebook may not be the right social media platform for you. If you are saying that you are seeing other people’s ‘likes’ of competitor pages on your Page, then uncheck “Show recent posts by others” box in the Manage Permissions/Post Visibility section.

          As for where is the featured under Edit Page. When you edit your page on the left side there will be a list of settings: Your Settings, Manage Permissions, Basic Information, Profile Picture, Featured, Resources, Admin Roles, etc. Click Featured. If you don’t see it or Admin roles then you may not have the Manager role. Hope that helps.

      • I didn’t even know this was replied to – my bad…. I see what you meant about the feature Tracy,
        however if we deselect all of them so none are featured then it STILL shows who WE Like, just randomized.

        I’ve looked everywhere and I do not think Facebook allows Businesses to hide who *they* have Liked in the past. Which is silly, because the #1 target we have for who we’d like to like is our customers – and what a way for our competitors to get a clear & clean directory of prospects to market to.

        Anyway – if anyone knows I’m wrong, PLEASE tell me!


        • Tracy Sestili says:

          I agree. It should really be an option. Perhaps if enough people complain about it then they’ll fix it. Ya never know….here’s to hoping!

  3. Have exactly the same problem – business page on facebook – we want to ‘like’ our customers but if we do this all of our competitors and general public can see a list of our customers. Now I am faced with ‘unliking’ them just to remove their name from the page..

    Re. ‘enough people complaining’ – there is nowhere/no-one to complain to!

    Conclusion: Facebook may be good for bands, charities and big coprs but certainly not designed for B2B

  4. Hi,
    I have a similar question. I have a business page and I would like to like other business pages that I do business with but at the same time I don’t want my competitors to like my page and see the other business pages that I have liked ( some of them are my supplier, and I don’t want to share them)
    Also or example, if 1000 people likes my business page and I want to to hide all my fan page activity from few people, is there a option to do that?
    Also, If I comment on other business fan page’s topic, can all the people who liked my page can see that activity? I would really appreciate some help with this matter.

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      1) Not possible. See #2 below.
      2) Not possible. Everyone sees everything on a Fan page.
      3) Possibly, but probably not.

    • I did the same thing because I’m building a strategy without having other follow my lead. So I hide my likes and activities but now I need to hide every time I share a post from my fan page to someone else’s timeline it shows share # and if you click on that it tells people who I shared with. How can I hide that cause that’s basically my activities too.

  5. When I share a post with another page it shows how many shares, which is fine but “HOW DO I HIDE WHO I SHARED WITH?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      If you were sharing it to your timeline then you could limit who sees the post, but otherwise, it’s public.

      • I want to limited others from seeing who I’m posting to. so they dont see who I shared with. Is this what your saying?

  6. Hi, I read through the post and comments, but couldn’t find out how to hide my Like and Comment Activity from others. I noticed that all my Likes show as Post on my husbands wall, I’m worried that they shop up like that on all my friends walls. I’m talking about when I like someone’s post not when I like a product etc. Is there anyway to hide my likes and comments?

  7. How do you hide your comments and likes from the pages you subcribed or liked, from appearing on your friend’s timelines.

    I swear that I have changed all of my privacy settings to only me… BUt my friends can still see the pictures I like and comments..


  8. Many thanks! This was exactly what I’m looking for. This pointed me in the right direction. Today is Oct 22, 2012, and maybe FB has changed a bit since this post, so I will leave directions of what I did.

    From my FB profile, I clicked “see all likes”, which took me to a page with all my likes. I clicked “edit”, and it showed my favorites: books, music, athletes, etc. I scrolled down to a short, blue line that said “other pages you like”. There was a drop down next to that. THERE I was able to change it to “only me”. Voila! Scroll back to the top, click done and now only you will be able to see pages you like (that way you never have to admit you watch Jersey Shore. :)

  9. How come when I like a page from my business page, the other page’s like counter doesn’t increase & my business doesn’t show on their page even though my page is showing that I liked them?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Page likes from other pages doesn’t increase “Likes” – it has always been this way.

  10. Thanks for showing us how to do this it worked great!

  11. I just found out that when I ‘Like’ a friends post it goes public. I checked my husband’s Facebook account as I logged in as him. There were all these posts I did not send. They were all my likes from a friends postings. I also noticed that on the same line a ‘Like’ and to the far right of it there is a liitle round button. If you put your cursor over it it says ‘public’. Also, some posts say ‘Family’ or ‘Shared with: person’s name’. A regular post from a friend you can safely ‘Like’ it without it posting to all your friends. But if a friend likes a Facebook page or page that has an option to hit ‘Like’ to get info from them, those are the ones that go public. I recently liked an organization in my area and their posts say ‘Family’. I think this is the problem. I think the website you ‘Like’ are the ones who set it to ‘Public’ because of course they want to spread their info to everyone. But how can we stop this? I don’t want my ‘Likes’ on my friends posts to be shared with everyone. I had been inundating my friends walls with all likes of crap without realizing it until about a few days ago. I am embarrased and feel really bad for my friends. I posted an apology to all my friends that they have been receiving all this junk from me. FB will not respond to any questions in the Forum about this and everyone in the Forum is pissed. I commented there also. I also reported the problem personally to the FB team and they never replied. How do we get around this besides like not liking or commenting on things. Even if you click on a link that a friend posted it automatically posts it to all your friends. Where is the privacy here? Someone please have the answer!

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Carey – Facebook has ALWAYS worked this way. That’s the whole point of FB. You like something and your friends see that you like it and that’s it. The only way around this is to set your privacy settings to custom and set it to “only me” then everything will show up on your Timeline but no one else will see it.

  12. Ok so my “favorites” are not there anymore. When I “view as” PUBLIC I can see them. But when I type someone’s name to see my profile how they see it, my favorites don’t show up. This is so narcissistic, but it’s frustrating me… Any idea how to get the “favorites” to show up again? My timeline looks funky without it.

  13. That does not work. There is no “other pages you like” or audience selector on the likes page, only a “show other pages”.

    • im having same problem! i click edit and favourites vansish and no global selector thingy :-(

      • Same problem here… The instructions you provided were clear but as soon as I hit the edit button, all my favorites disappear and there is no option for editing etc. This blows. There are things I do not want my kids or family to see… My mom doesnt need to know I am checking out farm girls or s&M stuff!!

  14. Hi. This is a little different question, but please help me out here.
    I would like to hide “Activity” posts on my Facebook fan page timeline.
    They seem to be automated and I would like to hide them until I change my mind.
    They have grey background in their title. The title consists of “Activity” with the name of the month under it and the two types of titles below: 1. People talking about this 2. People who like this. They’re all written in the grey title area.
    And below that, in the white-backgrounded area, there is number of 1. people talking about this 2. people who like this.
    I would like to hide these posts so no others will see them on my timeline until I decide to let them be shown.
    Could you please help me with how I can do this? Thank you very much.

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi John, on our Timeline there is a button for Activity Log. Click on that and it should take you to the Activity log. You can pick and choose there what you want to show on your Timeline and who sees it. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you Tracy. Appreciate your help, but unfortunately, it didn’t solve my problem.
        In my Facebook Fan Page, I went to Activity Log, but I could not find anything related to aforementioned posts: 1. People talking about this 2. People who like this.
        I would like to be able to hide these posts, but I can’t find any option to do so.
        Please help me with this one. Thank you very much.
        And I don’t know if html works in this post, but I’ll give you the image link
        <img src=";

        • Tracy Sestili says:

          John, sorry, I misunderstood. That’s on your Page and you can’t do anything about that. It just shows how many people are talking about your brand on Facebook. Frankly, it’s a pretty meaningless stat overall. You cannot hide them. They are hard coded within Facebook’s API. Sorry.

        • Tracy Sestili says:

          Hi John, my bad, I didn’t quite understand what you were saying. You can’t hide those posts. They are built into the Facebook API. Sorry :(

    • John EXACTLY what I wanted to know! Can’t imagine why facebook won’t eliminate this, as it’s completely useless and messes up the aesthetics of the page!

  15. Sir , How to not show my photo like’s list (friends list who likes that photo)

  16. Thanks this was very helpful. Can you tell me whether changing the pages I like to ‘only me’ will also hide them from being posted in the ticker activity box on the right when I first click like on them? (Sometimes you can take things off your timeline but they still show up in that activity box so I just want to be clear it won’t show up there either.) Tx!

  17. Hi there – the business I work for has recently set up a Facebook page but is concerned about people being able to comment on posts. I can’t find anywhere that you can turn this off on a business FB page. I realise that the whole point of FB is that it is social media, but my employers are just testing the water and are nervous about someone making a comment that is unfavourable. Any ideas?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Jenny, You can’t turn off commenting on posts. That’s the antithesis of social media and Facebook’s motto of share everything with everyone. If they allowed you to not allow comments, then you’d sound like a newsletter just blasting out and talking about yourself.

  18. Hi, I just started a facebook page for a business I work for. The boss requested that everyone go and “like” the page, but I’ve had a few people report to me that they are concerned that the admin (me) will be able to view their personal info/ wall. From what I’ve discovered, this is true. I can see the walls of people who have liked the page but aren’t my personal friends. Is there a way that I can help them hide their wall from the admins of pages that they’ve liked? Is it only the admin who sees this info, or is it all fans of the page who can see it, or is it made public? Thanks in advance!

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Deanna, the admin and any other fan of the page can see whatever they’ve made public. They would need to modify their privacy settings.

  19. How do I limit how the activity that gets posted on the news feed? So, not just the pages I like,
    But the pictures I like and the conversations I am in. Is there a way to limit how much is shown o everyone else?

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi Emily, if you are commenting and liking as the Page when you go to other sites, then you can go to your Activity Feed and review and next to each one choose to delete it from Timeline.

  20. ah-ah “other pages”, very stealthy and dodgy indeed!
    because the design of boxes/lines leads you to conclude that this title is not linked in any way to the following likes list!

    thank you very much, it really didn’t look as like as it was the key to solve the likes visibility challenge ;D


  21. Kyle means says:

    Yeah I’ve been trying to figure out why I can’t see my girlfriends likes and interests with music and all tht anymore? It Dosent come up on her timeline like usual either on the computer or the iPod app, previously we switched some privacy settings so tht ppl would stop causing drama and problems for us and I didn’t know if doin that affected it? She says she can see my likes and interests and all that and she can see hers so I don’t know what’s going on. Does anyone have anything tht might help me out????


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