How To Unfollow and Block People On Pinterest

Pinterest is the social media site du jour.  People are still talking about it. Still obsessed with it. Which is good for businesses using it. Recently we talked about Curalate and how you could use it to monitor your brand on Pinterest. However, what about the people that you want to block or the people and their boards you once followed as you were figuring out the nuances of Pinterest. How do you get rid of them? or block them?

How to unfollow a person or a board on Pinterest:

  1. If you want to unfollow a board, then click on the pin board that you no longer wish to follow and at the top center, there’s a light gray unfollow button. (Hard to see, but it’s there).
  2. If you want to unfollow the personentirely, then search for their name (if you are following them, they will come up as you start typing).  Click Unfollow All and you will unfollow all of their boards and therefore, unfollow them.

Can you block a user from following you or your pin boards? No. Not at this time, howeverm it is on Pinterest’s Top 9 feature requests and you can vote for it here.

While you’re at it, you may also want to vote for Private boards. Why it’s taking Pinterest so long to roll this feature out is beyond me.

What feature would you like to see most from Pinterest next? Take the poll.


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About Tracy Sestili

Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.


  1. So does a person know if you follow them and immediatley unfollow them. I have been on boards in the past on the app and dont mean to follow them. I read all the time about pinterest etiquette and wondered if they are notified of that. I am a serial offender.

  2. Hi – you are giving great advice here – Thanks. I have a problem on Pinterest and so far Pinterest hasn’t helped me in resolving it. A woman (and she’s actually a TV personality on the west coast) started a group board on my Pinterest Account and I never approved it (so i don’t know how she did this). People are pinning a lot on this board – and it’s all for her benefit, not mine. I changed my password to help the situation – but it didn’t. I cannot delete the board for some reason. I have written to her – but she says she doesn’t know how to delete it. Pinterest hasn’t gotten back to me either. How can I delete this board? Thank for any suggestions. Linda

  3. someone says:

    I would really love to block some followers.. people with pins about diet and beauty and all that shallow stuff.. Not my cup of tea. So thank you in advance pinterest!