Social Media Tip Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Social Media Tip TuesdayOops, I almost forgot to publish this today! To the folks across the pond and on the RSS feed, sorry for the delay. Here we go, my top social media tips I tweeted on Twitter over the past week.

  1. Make your calls to action stupid obvious so your audience doesn’t have to waste time guessing/searching #smtip
  2. Having the right image on your ad can lead to a 70% increase on why someone clicks on it#smtip
  3. When creating #social media ads put yourself in the shoes of the person who is reading your ad. #smtip
  4. Is your email list stale? Avg open rate is 20%. Review it frequently. #smtip
  5. If you make a mistake on #socialmedia, ignoring it will only make it worse. Address the issue professionally and sensibly #SMTip via @BlueEyeCreative

Top blog last weekHow To Report A Fan Page As A Duplicate On Facebook

Today in history: In 1793, French queen Marie Antoinette was guillotined for treason.

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