New Facebook Page Settings, Plus Merging Duplicate Pages 2013

Facebook Page flagHow to merge duplicate Facebook Pages and edit your Facebook Page Settings, July 2013

Facebook got a face lift of their back end for Pages recently. The page info, settings, admin roles, audience suggestions, featured, and mobile are all on a new slick menu. But resources, where you had the ability to create a facebook like button or like box to your site and the ability to merge duplicate pages, well that’s all moved and it’s not exactly clear on how to get to it, but we’ve provided the links below for you.

There’s also a couple of new features that we’ve noticed. For example, we noticed that no mater what category your page is, there is now the ability to add three keywords as topics on what your page is about. We believe that this has a lot to do with Graph Search.

Page Info

Facebook Page Info

Nothing seems to have changed on Settings and this is where you would modify posting ability & visibility, aging restrictions, tagging ability, etc., just as before:

FB_merge pages 2013 July

Note: Not everyone will have the Merge Pages option. Keep reading for how to merge pages.

Audience suggestions, featured (likes and pages owners), and mobile are all available via the More drop down menu:



How to add a Facebook ‘Like’ button or ‘Like’ box to my website or blog

But what you can’t find is where to merge duplicate pages or where the resources section is to find the social plugins.  The social plugins are available on the developers page still, but there’s no easy link from your Page. You’ll have to either click on Developers in the footer and navigate to it, or go to this link:

How to merge duplicates Facebook pages

As for merging duplicate pages – my favorite topic! It seems that Facebook hasn’t yet updated their Help article yet, and not everyone will have the Merge Pages option listed in their Page SETTINGS (as seen above).  HOWEVER, they do have this article that allows you to merge duplicate pages:

Facebook merge duplicates pages

Click this link to get the above screen. .

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  1. When I visit I get a warning:
    “Sorry, this page isn’t available”
    “The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”

    Please help me how to merge two facebook pages…

    • Tracy Sestili says:

      Hi, not sure what to tell you. We tried this out with several accounts that have Page and it works just fine. Could be that this help page might be blocked in your country. You can also try going to this link: — but keep in mind, for either link you MUST be logged in as your PERSONAL account.

  2. K.LAKSHUMANAN says:

    merge option is not avilable in my facebook page…………………

  3. I have 2 pages

    1) current company name & USername
    2) new company name & username

    once I merge page 2 INTO page 1 and page 2 is deleted can I then request the page 2 username be used or will it still show unavailable?

    Don’t want to loose my username themobilevine in this process.

    thanks for help

    • Hi Leslie, when you go to merge the pages, it asks you which page you’d like to keep. I think the fact that you’ve had a name change and that it clearly states that in the page title of #1 will be sufficient enough for FB to let you keep page 2. So when you’re merging and it asks you which page you’d like to keep, say you want to keep the second one. But BEFORE you do that, you should download your content — including images, otherwise you lose those. Also, Facebook doesn’t hold onto the name like YouTube or others do. Once it’s up for grabs, it might take 48 hrs or so, but it’s then available to grab.

  4. i dont have the Merge Pages option .. can u tell me how can i get it on my pages ?!
    and can i merge abig page into a small page ?!

    • You can only merge a big page into a small page. You a) have to be logged in as yourself and b) they have to be 2 pages that are similar. You can’t merge 2 different pages. See Facebook’s help guidelines: This option is only available for Pages that represent the same thing and have similar names.
      To merge your Pages:
      1. Make sure you’re using Facebook as yourself and not as your Page
      2. From the top of the Page you want to keep, click Edit Page
      3. Select Edit Settings
      4. Select Merge Pages and click Merge duplicate Pages
      5. Fill out the form and click Send

  5. I still don’t have Merge Pages option. When it will appear ?


  6. Do you know how long the merge takes? I changed my business name and want to merge the old page with the new one, since the only thing that changed is the name and URL. I have not received any emails from fb and nothing has happened yet?

    • Hi Desiree, if you used the Merge option or the change vanity URL option, it should take up to a week depending on their backlog. If it’s been longer, then submit it again or try to report the page as a duplicate.

  7. Its Working i have sent the form ,but no reply


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