3 LinkedIn Company Post Features You Ought to Know

LinkedIn is one of those social networks that is under utilized. Everyone should have a LinkedIn profile because it’s super SEO friendly and often one of the first things that pops up on search results.

In addition, for companies that have a LinkedIn Company page, there are some very cool features you can use. In addition from it being a free billboard for your brand, it’s where you can shamelessly self-promote your brand and people won’t be offended.

1. Feature Post/Pin to Top:
Feature Post is similar to Facebook Page’s “Pin to Top” feature. The only difference is that Facebook Pages fPin to Top has a shelf life of seven days where it allow you to place something that occurred earlier in your company page Timeline to the top of your Timeline. At the end of those seven days, Facebook automatically puts that post back in it’s original spot on your Timeline. LinkedIn’s Feature Post is slightly different in that it has no shelf life. You decide how long it will stay at the top of your Company Page’s news feed. For anyone visiting your LinkedIn Company page, this will be the first article they see until you “unpin” it, and then it will take it’s original spot in your Company’s news feed.

2. Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts are like “promoted posts” on Facebook and also an advertising feature in LinkedIn Ads. You choose which post(s) you want to sponsor and it will appear in people’s news feeds automatically based on your targeting. Your company’s post will appear inline with status updates from people’s network and have the word “sponsored” next to it. It looks like this:

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

3. Segment Post

Once your LinkedIn Company pages gets above 100 followers you are then able to segment your posts so that the content is relevant to your audiences. You can segment each status update by job function, geographical location, seniority in a company, company size, or industry. This way you get the right message to the right people. If you’re promoting a product or service then perhaps you want to share it with only decision makers. However, if you are sharing industry news, then perhaps you’d want to share it with everyone.


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