3 Online Collaboration Tools that Will Change Your Business

Collaboration ToolsIn a previous post I talked about how project managers are using social media for collaboration. And there are many online collaboration tools such as Huddle, Zoho and Basecamp. But in typical social sphere fashion, there are many upcoming online social media tools that are emerging to help with collaboration such as Zwiggo, Podio, and DimDim.

  1. Zwiggo – an online collaboration space where you can create a space and share documents. You can create a public or private space where you can include everyone (can view your space) or members (just people you invited). They do have about 15 apps that you can add to your workspace that do various things such as: a date planner (like Doodle), Website Share (like Stacks on Delicious), decision maker, create your own message forum, filebox (like or Dropbox) and more.
    Benefits: Good for crowdsourcing data. Also companies could get a lot of ues out of the date planner, message forum and filebox. Book Clubs might find the Books app appealing where you can upload books for discussion.
  2. Podio – an online collaboration tool where you can create task lists, collaborative work spaces and share documents & ideas. I digged this one the most. You can also create online work apps or create your own and all of the apps (hundreds) work off of your mobile.  They have an app called Social Media Posts which allows you to keep track of the ideas, links, images, video, or other media you would like to include and to which social network. I’ve started using this at Social Strand Media.
    Benefits: You can get apps by sector from Accounting, Sales, Science, and Nonprofit + more to Venture. Great apps for managing a marketing campaign within a team or third party – they even have an editorial calendar app.
  3. TextFlow –For text collaboration, I really like TextFlow by NordicRiver. Nothing is more annoying than sending out a word doc with “track changes” and getting feedback by multiple people. It makes the changes a bear to manage. This actually incorporates everyone’s take on the document and then show’s you what is different. Genius.Benefits: Fast and efficient. Great for any business that reviews word docs.
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Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.