Two Things You Didn’t Know About Promoted Tweets

Twitter HQ Tracy at Twitter HQIf you use Twitter for business then you are probably already aware of the two advertising options they offer you already: Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets. However, in preparation for their IPO, Twitter has been rolling out a few changes and in working with a client most recently, I learned something new about promoted tweets (which I’m going to share with you now.)

The concept of Promoted Accounts does seem a little narcissistic when it comes from a solopreneur or a consultant. But from a small or mid-sized business, it seems like the norm and seems like they are growing. It’s almost like, ‘whoa – they must be growing because they have ad budget.’ And for big businesses, it seems innate in our culture. We’ve grown to expect it.

When promoting tweets Twitter allows you to target interests and followers of people or businesses that might be interested in your content and display your ad in their timeline. Now even though some people are annoyed by promoted tweets invading their Twitter timeline, the bottom line is: the platform is free, so unless you want to start paying for it…enough said.

Now setting up promoted tweets is an art.  We’ve learned to write better copy and swap out tweets that aren’t working for new ones that might garner engagement or new followers. We’ve learned that even though we set our “bid” to be higher than what we want it to be, we usually don’t pay that price per click and in fact, pay far less. But in a recent visit to Twitter I learned the following:

2 things you didn’t know about promoted tweets:

  1. White-listed – If you have an account rep at Twitter, you can contact them to whitelist your other Twitter accounts (if you have multiple) or partner or customer accounts. All they need is an email from the owner of the other Twitter account saying it’s okay for you to promote their tweets. This is GENIUS because for larger companies that have divisions or who even might have second Twitter account (aside from their main channel) for customer service or careers, it allows the main channel to promote those tweets from the other channels.
  2. Schedule your promoted tweet – Yep, Twitter now allows you to schedule tweets but only on their ad platform. This is strategic on their part because they are here to make money and letting you schedule it out for free on their already free platform, doesn’t do much for their IPO. However, letting you create copy or get it from the marketing department ahead of time and schedule those tweets out for promoted tweet ads, is revolutionary in regards to the Twitter platform.

I’ve had a lot of success with Twitter ads over the past year or so for both B2B and B2C companies in both keeping the CPE (cost per engagement) and CPF (cost per follower) under $1, but some clients feel as though social ads are a waste of money. I’m curious, do you use Twitter ads? Have you seen success with them?



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