3 Things People Neglect on Their LinkedIn Profile

Even savvy marketers miss one of these top 3 items so if you’ve missed them don’t feel bad. At least now you can fix them in under 2 minutes flat. I promise.

As a social media strategist, I spend time interacting with people on LinkedIn and sometimes I check out their profiles if they have something interesting to say. Nothing drives me more nuts than these 3 things:

1. Your Headline. The title that appears under your name automatically defaults to your current job role. If you are not working, it defaults to whatever the last job role you had). This is an editable field and you should take advantage of changing it for two reasons:

a) I can scroll down to see your current job title so it’s redundant.
b) It’s a free space to advertise what you do, so why not tell people what you do right up front rather than having them read through your lengthy online resume or summary (bio).

To change, click edit profile>and click edit next to your name>scroll to Professiona “Headline” and edit it there.

2. Your Website. In the section that says website, often people have “Company Website” or “Personal Website” or “Blog” which doesn’t tell the reader anything. It would be way better if it actually said the name of your company or the name of your blog or personal website.

To do this see my previous blog on Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile with step by step instructions (and pictures) on how to edit this section.
Takes 30 seconds.

3. Your Public Profile URL. When you view your profile, your LinkedIn Public Profile URL is at the bottom of the first section. You can customize that to be your name so that it reads: Why do you care about your public profile URL? Two reasons:

a) It’s cleaner for adding to your email signature, business cards, collateral
b) It’s easy for others to remember, especially if you have a name that is common or not so easy to spell.

p.s. you are not a rock star so don’t talk about yourself in the third person in your summary/bio. Instead, use the word “I” in your sentences.

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