3 Things to Consider When You Name Your Blog

Name your blogNaming your blog is like naming your baby for some. It will perhaps at first seem like the hardest part of your blogging journey.  However, ultimately it will become your personal brand. It will be what you write about for, hopefully, a long time.

What’s in a name?  A lot.  Naming your blog is a lot like naming a business. Here are three things you should consider when you name your blog.

  1. Keyword in your title.
    Whether you blog about fashion, technology, parenting tips, food, weddings, etc. your name of your blog will be how people find you and your content. Do yourself a favor and use WordTracker or Google Keyword Tool (while it is still available) or even just Google or Bing search engines and go search for your topic and see what comes up. You want high search results (indicating that many people search for that term), and low yield (meaning you won’t have to pay a ton for that keyword should you do Google Ads, let’s say.
  2. URL and social network channels
    Is the URL available for not only the web property, but also for social properties, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.? Even if you are starting out with hosting on Blogger or, you should still see if the web URL is available because at some point you may want to switch over to a self-hosted blog and you’re going to need that URL.But let me say this, for social media properties, don’t throw away a good blog name just because the Twitter handle or  Facebook vanity URL is already taken. That would be a mistake. For example, recently I ran into Virginia whose blog title is Kiss Chronicles. But the Twitter handle was already taken with the “s”, however, @KissChronicle wasn’t, so she took it. Her blog is all about kissing and so is her free eBook, Kiss Chronicles, where she tells the story about how she didn’t get her first kiss until she was 30 years old and decided to auction it off for charity. The name of her blog is perfect for her story and what she writes about and it would have been a mistake had she shunned the name because the Twitter handle wasn’t available.
  3. Room to expand or narrow your niche.
    You need to consider the you may want to expand the topics you talk about or that you may want to narrow your focus. Will your blog name allow you to do one or the other? For example, if you write about Social Media Marketing, does that mean you can’t write about email marketing or content marketing? Or, if your blog is Kickin’ it In Kindergarten, does that mean you can’t expand to first or second grade? No. Of course you can expand. It’s just a matter of having the space on your top menu bar. It’s all about navigation. Everything should have clear categories. If you decide to add something related but doesn’t quite fit your title, think about adding it as a menu navigation item. But if you say you are a fashion & beauty blogger and then you want to write about running gadgets as Carleen Coulter has, well, they’re not really related, so in that case you might want to separate and have two blogs.
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About Tracy Sestili

Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.