3 Ways Brands Can Keep Content in Facebook News Feed New Layout

Facebook logoNot everyone has the new Facebook news feed yet. It’s being rolled out slowly by Facebook. If you are a brand and you’ve seen the new Facebook news feed layout then you’re probably thinking, ‘oh, no!’ , and asking yourself how are you going to contend with everyone’s friends to keep your content in their Facebook news feed? Because with the new Facebook 2013 layout, the news feed is controlled by the end user and the default is “All friends” which as a brand, you don’t quite fall into the category of ‘friend’.

According to Facebook, as a brand you fall into a person’s  “Following” category, which allows a person to see all updates from pages and groups they are following. Terrific! But what if people don’t click on “Following”?

3 Ways To Keep Your Brand’s Content in Facebook’s News Feed (with the new layout 2013)

  1. Sponsored Stories
    Because of the new design, sponsored stories or promoted posts are still being squeezed into the news feed and along the right nav. However, you have to pay to play. Also, you should be mindful not to run these too often or fans might start to mute you in their feed. And once you’re muted, you’re done.
  2. Photos
    If you post photos in your posts, you have a chance of being seen by your fans in their news feed for those who click on the new news feed “Photos” which displays all photos from friends and pages they’ve liked. This can get you in the news feed of others fairly easily as long as your photo is share-worthy, comment-worthy, or likable. Remember, Facebook posts with photos have 120% higher engagement rate than those without. However, you still want to mix up your content. People go on Facebook to read stuff too, just remember to limit your text. No one is going to read giant gobs of text just because there is a photo along with it.
  3. Compelling content – asking them to like or share or comment.
    If your content is compelling and people are liking and commenting on it, then it’ll be seen by their friends. According to Dan Zarella, posts where people ask to ‘like’ or ask to ‘comment’ get more likes and comments overall than posts that don’t. (See his infographic for details).

If you found this post interesting, you might want to read yesterday’s post on what the new Facebook news feed layout means for consumers.

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