3 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Your blog doesn’t have to be lightening fast, but it does have to be relatively quick. If people click on a link and it hangs for more than a few seconds, chances are people are going to abandon your site altogether. Trust me, I know. It’s happened to me too.

Now how do you know if your blog or website is slow? There are lots of free assessment tools out there to check.

5 Free Website Assessment Tools

  • – gives you a letter grade and suggests what you (or your developer) should fix
  • – allows you to test each blog link or page link
  • –
  • – allows you to test it via different browsers

3 easy steps you can take to make your blog faster

1.  Delete spam comments. Log into your WP dashboard and click on Comments, then click on Spam, then Empty Spam. Voila!

Deleting Spam Comments_Final

2. Add caching.  Caching stores a copy of your website or blog on the server so that when people click on it, the server doesn’t have to go back out to the web to find it, it simply pulls up a cached version of it. There are lots of plugins out there that do this well and will work with most themes. Two I’ve tried and like are:

  • WP Cache
  • Total Cache

3. Clean up your plugins. Plugins are great, but they can also bring your blog or website to a crashing halt. Try to use them sparingly.

  • First, delete any unused plugins. Unused plugins take up memory and draw on your site’s performance.
  • Second,  you should make sure all plugins are up to date. Often times a patch release is rolled out to handle issues that could result in latency on your blog.

Tune in tomorrow for ways to optimize images on your blog or website.

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Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.