3 Things You Should Not Do To Increase Facebook Page Likes

Facebook _Get More LikesYou’ve created your Facebook page, told all of your friends, and now your Page is hitting a bit of a plateau in Page Likes and you don’t understand why. It’s been a couple of months and you are wondering how you can reinvigorate the interest in your business fan page. So what can you do? The smartest thing you can do is take out targeted ads using Facebook’s Power Editor. However, you might be tempted by some other bad advice like:

  1. Run a random contest. Contests that are not laser focused with copy, landing pages, and ad spend behind them will wind up attracting the wrong kind of fans. You want to attract quality fans, not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry.
  2. Boost Post. Yes, clicking the Boost Post button is so tempting to promote your post. And sure it will increase the reach of your post, but is it reaching the right people? When you choose to boost your post, Facebook only allows you to customize the audience by gender, age, and country. Your demographic is comprised of more than those facts. When the reach numbers are high, it’s exciting, but it’s also deceiving because you don’t know how many real prospects are actually seeing your post.
  3. Only utilize the Facebook ‘like’ button. Many companies only utilize the Facebook like button on their blog or website, rather than the Facebook Share button. The Share button allows people to share your content, which amplifies your messages and leads to increased engagement and increased Page likes. Familiarize yourself with Facebook’s developer plugins page to implement the right button on your business Page.

What can you do besides advertising?

  • Tell people in your newsletter
  • Put it in your email signature because you use email every day
  • Add the URL to your business card
  • Add the URL to your letterhead
  • Add the URL to your other traditional media buys like flyers, mailers, in-store displays, etc.
  • And of course, post share-able content that entertains, informs, or educates your audience

Remember, it’s not the number of Page Likes that matters, it’s the quality of those Page Likes. Want to see how much your fans are worth? Check out this post on how to calculate the value of your Facebook Fan.


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