5 Reasons Why Your Content Is Not Being Shared

The goal and dream of social media marketers is to have your content shared and go viral. It’s the biggest challenge marketers face when creating content and finding the right channels to promote it. But it’s not rocket science. People aren’t sharing your content for a reason.

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Here are five reasons why your content might not be being shared.

  1. Your readers don’t trust you. 
    Trust is something you earn over time. You don’t just get it with one post or one tweet.  You need to build that rapport with your audience. Over time they will trust and believe in you.
  2. Your content is low quality or not compelling enough to share.
    You don’t have to right a novella, but  your content does need to be about what your audience wants to talk and hear about, not what you want to talk about.
  3. Your content is too long to share. 
    Your content strategy needs to take into consideration that the same campaign or message may have to be sliced and diced and delivered differently depending on the platform it is being received on. If you want people to share a Facebook post then ask them and keep it short. Studies show that 80 characters or less gets shared 27% more on Facebook than posts that are longer. Tweets, keep ’em under 100 characters (80 for good measure).
  4. Sharing your content doesn’t make them look any smarter.
    People share content to either educate others or to make themselves look smarter. Give them something that does one or both of these things.
  5. It’s not on a platform in which they share.
    You need to know where your audience is hanging out. And just like you diversify your assets in different portfolios, you need to differentiate how and where you distribute your content. Facebook and Twitter are great, but if I don’t participate on them and those are the only options you give me, then how can I share? On a blog you can add the ShareThis or AddThis button and let them share on whichever platform they wish. But on everything else, you need to figure out which platform they are hanging out on by doing a little market research prior to posting.

So what are some other reasons you think people don’t share content? Let me know in the comments below.

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