5 Things Your Brand MUST DO on Facebook Timeline

According to the poll I posted earlier this week, 58% of people hate the new Timeline, 23% love it, 12% like it for now and 8% didn’t have it yet. However, whether you love it or hate it, if you want to have a presence on Facebook, you should definitely do the following 5 things:

  1. Have a good cover photo.
  2. Carefully select your apps/landing pages to display.
  3. Make sure your apps/landing pages have images that tell your story.
  4. Pin  and highlight key posts to the top of your wall to highlight important announcements/products.
  5. Enter key milestones dating all the way back to your inception as a company.

More detail and How-to:

1. Now I’m not going to go into how to add a good cover photo because that has been covered ad nauseum on Mashable, TechCrunch and many other sites. What I will tell you is the dimensions should be: 850px (wide) by 315px (high).

2. The ability to land on a default landing page will go away, so you need to make sure you highlight your landing pages in the apps section. Mind you, that it allows you to highlight 16 but since photos cannot be moved, that only leaves you with three (3) that will be visible without forcing the user to click on the arrow to see all of your apps/custom pages.

3. Ah, wouldn’t it be great if there was a tutorial on this?? Below is the screenshot. You click the up arrow next to the apps to show all apps. Then, hover over the app you want to change the image on. Find the pencil. Click on the pencil and scroll to “Edit Settings”. Then click Change image. The image is 111px by 74px.


4. Pin a key post to highlight it across the entire timeline. Hover over a post, click the pencil (not the star) and choose Pin to Top. To promote an announcement to span across both columns in the timeline, click the star icon. This is a good option to promote a product/video/image across the top of your timeline.


Example of highlight from Coca-Cola.

5. Entering the key milestones could be so much fun for a customer to go back and see all that you’ve accomplished. Check out some companies here who have done it and see if you get some inspiration:

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