5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use YouTube

Video is such a great way to tell your nonprofit’s story. Whether it is a video your organization created or one by a volunteer, video gets in touch with people’s emotions and moves them to take action, volunteer, or donate.

Why YouTube? Over 800M unique visitors visit YouTube each month and over 100M people take a social action (like, share, pin, comment) on YouTube each month. Video is a great way to promote your nonprofit and YouTube offers a Nonprofit program that is totally free with lots of benefits for NPOs such as branding and call-to-action overlays. What’s even better is that you can use YouTube Insight to measure your engagement.

Here are five ways your nonprofit can take advantage of YouTube.

  1.  Stream events/fundraisers, etcIf your nonprofit is part of the YouTube Nonprofit Program you can stream events on YouTube just like you can with UStream or LiveStream. The only difference is that the video quality is way better and there are more eyeballs who may see it.
  2. Pin it!Start a pin board on Pinterest and pin your videos.  Just like you started to pin your pictures, why not pin videos too? Cross promoting your video content on Pinterest will capture more viewers to your cause.
  3. Embed it!YouTube allows you to embed your videos on your website or you can show your channel on your Facebook page. Embedding your videos on your website will keep your constituents there longer and if they like what you have to say, they just might donate.
  4. Create a Playlist. If you have a lot of good content, consider creating a playlist so that you control what the viewer will see next. The playlist can potentially prohibit the YouTube autoplayer from playing videos that are from other related brands. Take control!  
  5. Share it.You can’t just put your video up on YouTube and expect people to share it for you. You need to cross-promote it.
  • You can share it on Facebook,
  • You can share it to Pinterest,
  • You can share a link on Twitter,
  • You can share it in your newsletter/eBlast,
  • You can share it by adding it to your email signature

And of course know where your audience is hanging out:

What ways are you using video to further your mission?


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