5 Ways NOT to Sound Like a Flashing Billboard

Ever experience following someone on Twitter or becoming a fan on their Facebook page and feeling like you just subscribed to a flashing billboard? (FYI: This is why Twitter invented lists). Social media is just a fancy name for networking and what do you do when you network? Well, you find common ground and you have a conversation. Just like in any conversation, if you talk only about yourself, it gets boring — real fast. People love to talk about themselves, but when the conversation is one sided, the other person feels left out and bored.

Now some people lament that social media is time consuming so when they have a chance to update, they post all of their updates at once. Oy vey! [If you think you don’t have time, see my post on No Time For Social Media?]

How do you solve this problem in the social arena?

  1. Be Witty or Sage. Mix in a daily quote. It can be inspirational or about a favorite topic. The point is, it’s not about you.
  2. Be Fun. Mix in trivia, a poll or survey to your constituents. (Again, it’s not about you.)
  3. Be Thoughtful. Ask questions about them and direct the questions to them. Don’t just talk to the air.
  4. Be Responsive. Respond via a retweet or @mention (you can do the @mention in Facebook too and it tags them) so that they feel like they are not talking to a wall or a robot.
  5. Use a scheduler. Do not, I repeat, do NOT send out your tweets every five minutes so that you are clogging people’s news feeds. It’s a sure way to get you ‘unliked’, ‘unfollowed’ or worse, unfriended. (yikes!) And for sure, you’ll sound and look like a flashing billboard. (Example of what not to do: @Flipbooks)And here’s a useful video for businesses on not making it all about you – posted by Amanda Hite on Twitter the other day on “The Break Up: Advertiser and Consumer” – video by

So what do you think? Is this useful? Let me know in the comments below or ping me on Twitter @tracysestili

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Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.