4 Ways to Get More Fans from People Who Visit Your Store

Facebook fans from in-store visitorsVery often companies think of social media as being an online site (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), where all the interaction happens, leaving the users behind online. However, if you have a store, a restaurant, or some other business where people come in every day, then you have a huge opportunity to connect with your customers, not to mention their friends.

Here are some ideas on how to interact with them:

  1. Start a contest that’s available only for people who come in your store. Contests are a great way to get people interacting with your company and gives your visitors a chance to spread the word about your company to friends. To do so you can set up a Facebook contest for mobile devices, and hand your customers a nice flyer with the contest page. This way only your store visitors will have access to the contest page. If you don’t know how to use any dedicated software, Zoniz or Heyo provide optimized mobile Facebook promotions, which can be up and running in minutes.
  2. Offer random surprises for in-store visitors that are your fans on Facebook. Women loves surprises. Print a nice billboard next to your cashier with your Facebook URL and offer a surprise giveaway to every 20th customer, if they are your Facebook fans. The prizes don’t have to be really expensive, just enough to put a smile of your customers.
  3. Offer your Facebook Fans something they value, but can’t buy with money. Everyone can buy products or services from your store. Offer your Facebook fans something they can’t buy with money, but they would love to own. For example, if you run a cake shop, create a special designed cake with a F(acebook) shape and write on it: We’re best Facebook friends, or something similar. Offer it to a Facebook fan that gets the most ‘likes’ for a comment or for a photo they uploaded.
  4. Offer exclusive packages just for Facebook fans. You can create a special corner in your store where you add products that are discounted only for Facebook fans. Add a nicely designed poster with your Facebook page URL, so people can become your fans right in the store. To buy products at discounted prices they must show your clerks that they are fans of the store. Today, nearly everyone has a smartphone where they can easily download the Facebook app, so that’s going to be a easy step.

Many companies invest lots of money in various forms of advertising, ignoring the people that are right there, in the store. They are all connected with their friends, so why ignore this opportunity? Let’s not forget social media is about getting people connected, so if you don’t try to oversell and make this process fun, I guarantee you can have some smiles from your Facebook fans.

Paul Gh. Abrudean Paul Gh. Abrudean is a social media marketer working for Zoniz Social.

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