5 YouTube Best Practices For Every Business

Video is a goldmine to any marketer. It keeps your audience engaged for an extended amount of time; much longer than the average web page. If the content is good, controversial, or down right bad, it inspires interaction via comments, thumbs up, or sharing on other social networks — which is something every marketer dreams of making happen.

For businesses, there are many video options to choose from besides YouTube, but since YouTube was the first and seems to be one of the best video platforms out there, you need to make sure you take full advantage of the features in order to get the most YouTube video views.

5 YouTube Best Practices For Every Business

  1. Visually entice them with a background photo.
    This is not hard to do and having a background photo for your brand page is something that every company should have. It adds professionalism and looks like a real TV channel. For example, look at Pepsi’s YouTube channel. When you arrive, the background is a sweating Pepsi can and it makes you thirsty just looking at it.
  2. Give your fans what they want, not what you want to shove down their throats.
    For some reason, companies insist on constantly selling across all social media channels. But people don’t go to YouTube to watch advertising. They go to YouTube to be entertained, educated, view interviews, and get informed. For example, “how-to” videos are some of the most watched videos on YouTube.
  3. Optimize your title with keywords.
    This seems like a no-brainer, but  it often gets overlooked. When you are creating the title of your video, be sure to put in keywords that people would be looking for when searching for your video. Just like when you are creating a catchy title for a blog, you don’t want it to be too long either. Shoot for a maximum of eight words or less.
  4. Don’t ignore the description area.
    First, be sure to put your website in the first line with the ‘http://’ so that it is a clickable link. Second, add a description, and be sure to use keywords here too. Add as much as you like, you can treat it like a blog post.
  5. Production quality.
    Not all companies have a professional production company to shoot YouTube videos. However, aside from decent picture quality which you can get with any decent SLR camera or even a FLIP if you can get your hands on one, you also need good sound. Sound quality is essential to getting your message across. Be sure to invest in a good microphone.

And although this isn’t an official tip, if you can be at all funny or interject a little humor in your video, it goes a long way with the viewer and increases the likelihood of being shared. Do you use video for marketing? If so please leave a comment and tell us how you are using it and what you’ve found to be effective in the comments below.

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