7 Excellent Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

As a blogger, I’ve become obsessed with tools that can make my everyday tasks a little more efficient. The best kind of tool is one that integrates into your daily routine so well that you hardly notice you are using it. That’s why I like Chrome Extensions so much because they run in the background for you and you can access them from any page on your browser. Here’s a list of my top seven Chrome Extensions I highly recommend to any blogger or marketer using social media!

Evernote Web Clipper

This extension allows Evernote users to easily clip notes from websites without having to open Evernote. Simple but a huge time saver.

The best three features of the extension are:

  • You can save a note three ways: Save the URL, save the entire page, or save the article on the page. This is really helpful for saving different types of information from articles to pictures.
  • Smart tagging: Evernote will save a note and tag it based on the contents of the note. It will choose a tag it thinks is best for the content it actually does a decent job. If Evernote gets it wrong though, you can always modify the tag.
  • Notebooks: Evernote automatically saves to the default notebook you choose in the settings but it’s easy to click a drop-down list and choose the notebook you want.

This extension makes Evernote so much easier to use and easily integrates into your daily processes. Just the fact that you don’t have to switch to Evernote to clip a piece of information with all the organization controls at your fingertips makes this a must-have.

Evernote has a free version that restricts you on storage space. Evernote premium is $45 a year.

Hootsuite Hootlet

If you are a Hootsuite user, this handy extension is a must. The HootSuite Hootlet allows you to share web content to your social networks without having to go through the process of opening a different page, signing in, and then posting content.

The three best features of this extension are:

  • Simple sharing- Just click the hootlet and share the content on the page you’re on with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and several other social networks.
  • Auto-schedule picks the best date and time to send your post for optimal impact on your social networks.
  • Shrink lengthy URLs with built in services to easily share content across networks (especially helpful for Twitter)

With this tool, social media management becomes so much easier. You could just be leisurely browsing the web and find something great for your website and… boom! Instant conversation piece. You don’t even have to pick out the time out when to send it. Hootsuite will do the thinking for you.

Free- 5 Social Media Profiles, 2 Quick reports, Hootsuite Conversations, Message Scheduling and 2 Rss Feeds
Paid- $9.99/ Month, Hootsuite conversations, Unlimited social profiles, message scheduling, 2 Free Users, 1 enhanced analytics report, Google analytics integration, Facebook Insights integration, unlimited RSS Feeds.


What it does: Lets you enjoy reading web content offline. You can save pages for later viewing and sync it to your mobile devices to read on the go.

The three best features of this extension are:

  • You can view your saved content from any major mobile platform (iPhone/iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, even s60 and WebOS!)
  • Save for later using your browser, sending via email, or through any of the 300+ apps that integrates Pocket functionality.
  • Absolutely Free!

Bottom line: Pocket makes sure that you use up your idle time wisely by keeping you up-to-date with what you need to catch up on. It’s that app that let’s you squeeze in more to your time by keeping what you need to know accessible when you have the time. It’s passive time management.

Screen Capture by Google

What it does: This extension lets you capture any part of a webpage and transform it into an image you can easily share.

The three best features of this extension are:

  • It has 3 options for capturing your screen: You can capture just a page region, you can capture the visible part of your screen or my favorite feature, you can capture the entire web page. The last option is what sold me. With regular screenshot apps you can only capture what you can see on the page and you can’t scroll down the webpage. This act automatically will capture the whole page for you with the push of a button.
  • Lets you annotate your screen captures with text, lines, and other shapes directly inside your browser, cutting down on the steps it takes to easily send notes on screen captures.
  • Lets you save directly to your desktop and share to various social networks seamlessly.

Capture the images you need for a presentation, make mockups for that site you want to build, or share something for your social media. It simple free and ridiculously easy to use!

Website and SEO Analysis

The extension gives you access to valuable website stats needed for quickly evaluating websites with metrics such as Google Pagerank, Alexa and Compete rank, Search relevance, backlink stats, sociometer and traffic graphs.

The three best features of this extension are:

  • Gets you most of the statistics you need for a quick SEO analysis.
  • WQ (web quantified) score often gives a good analysis of a website.
  • The extension displays the page rank of the website you are currently on in the button so you don’t even have to click to see it. When you click you can see a big list of stats and if you want to see even more you can click the quantify button and see an extensive list of metrics.

A quick tip that most people don’t know about this extension is that you can set whatever traffic graph you want as a default. For example I like mine to be set to Compete unique visits. to set a traffic graph as the default simply right-click on the extension, select options, and choose your default graph from the drop-down menu.

Most SEO tools are paid (some are expensive), but this is a great tool for bloggers to use when researching other websites efficiently.

Google Voice

The Google Voice extension allows Google Voice users to make calls and send and receive SMS messages directly in their browser without having to leave the webpage they’re on.

The three best features of this extension are:

  • Send SMS for free. No need to fiddle on your phone, just type away and send.
  • Easily make phone calls from any page in your browser.
  • Audible alerts gets you on top of SMS received. You can literally start a conversation on your computer with somebody on their phone and switch to your phone and continue it without a disruption.

What’s great about this app is that it keeps your communication on one device so that you are having to switch between your computer and phone constantly.

Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom lets you see full size versions of thumbnails without having to click each image individually. Just hover your mouse over to an image and see a bigger preview. It works in the background of your browser so you never have to click anything to activated.

The three best features of this extension are:

  • Choose which sites hover zoom should work, so you don’t get distracted when going through image heavy sites. It works especially well on sites like Facebook when viewing albums or pics and browsing through stock photo sites or Flickr while quickly trying to choose an image for a blog post.
  • Adjust delay and fading effects to your taste.
  • Option to zoom only when specific key is pressed.

Hover Zoom makes browsing a large number of images a breeze. As a blogger, I love using this extension on Compfight for choosing a great blog photo because I don’t have to click through to Flickr to see the large version. I also love using it on Google image search because I can do the same thing when researching!

About the author:
Joel Widmer is the Founder & CEO of Fluxe Digital Marketing, a fast-growing marketing strategy shop in Nashville, TN. He’s an avid longboarder and on the search for the perfect burger!

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