7 Successful Habits of Neighborhood Restaurants Using Facebook

Restaurants using FacebookEvery time I read a blog or article on restaurants using social media the examples are always the big names like McDonald’s or Chipotle or Chili’s. But what about the local neighborhood restaurants that make up 27% of visits to food establishments (source: How are they using social media? What works for them? And with Facebook currently being the number one B2C social platform with its 1 billion users, what makes them successful on Facebook?

Case Study: 7 Successful Habits of Local Restaurants Using Facebook

In a study done by Social Strand Media of OpenTable’s Top 100 local restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area, they found that there are 7 key habits that all local restaurants possess who are successful on Facebook.  Their actions show good camaraderie and that they “know” good food. Plus they give people what they want on Facebook and don’t force on their fans what they think they should be posting and sharing. They make it about them.

View the colorful deck below with screenshots and examples or scroll down to read them.

1. All successful neighborhood restaurants feature food as their cover photo and either the front of the restaurant or the chef as their profile photo.

2. All successful neighborhood restaurants engage with the customer by asking them questions and responding to comments.

3. They all tell their story with vibrant colorful photos or videos.

4. They all share photos of their staff in action, showing it takes a village to run a restaurant, not just one awesome chef.

5. They “like” the competition. Yes, they become fans of other restaurant’s Facebook pages.

6. They allow you to make a reservation without ever leaving Facebook.

7. They host food/wine events, usually benefiting a community cause or validating a vendor partnership with a wine label, for example.

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