7 Things Restaurants Can Talk About on Facebook or Twitter Besides Themselves

The title of this post may look familiar because I’ve written two similar posts in the past, although not quite the same:

The reason I chose to put this one together is to show you that not all industries are created equally, yet a lot of the social media advice we get is on an aggregated basis, indicating it’s a once size fits all when it comes to:

  • best times to post
  • how often you should post
  • what you should post
  • and so on…

But many savvy social media marketers know that it’s not a once size fits all and that the industry had a lot to do with your approach to any given client. At least that’s how we work here at Social Strand Media.

I love to eat out and I love to eat good food. I depend on my friends for good recommendations of restaurants to try and I also depend on reviews that I read online.  And I’m not alone, according to Hubspot, 49% of people depend on their friend’s reviews for dining out recommendations.

The key for restaurants is to provide the customer with valuable content that they find valuable or interesting and engaging. It’s hard to find the time or resources to do social media as it is, but to do it wrong, is even worse. It’s not about the quantity of fans, it’s about the quality of fans coming into your restaurant.


Here are 7  things restaurants can talk about on Facebook or Twitter besides themselves.

  1. Photos of food. Seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it? Yet, you’d be surprised of how many pages post stock photos. I’m talking post photos right in the moment.  Most successful restaurants on Twitter tweet photos of food on almost every tweet.
  2. Behind the scenes videos. With technologies such as Tout or the iPhone, it’s easy to take 15-30 second videos of behind-the-scenes shots that show the chef chopping, slicing or dicing. Is your specialty a burger or making pasta? Then why not show a 15 second clip of that being done.
  3. Recipes. A restaurant doesn’t have to give away all of their secrets and every chef has pocketful of go-to recipes, have them put one up. From appetizers to drinks, you have enough content here to do one of these per week for a year.
  4. Photos of the staff in action. Every restraunteur knows that running a restaurant takes a village, from the chef, to the dishwasher, to the front of the house. Now you know why Restaurant Wars on Top Chef is such a hard challenge.
  5. Industry news. All you need to do is scan the food section of your local paper to find something of interest here.
  6. Customer testimonials. Why not feature those customers who are snapping food porn of your dishes by featuring Top Instagram photo of the week by one of your customers. Or encourage people to write a review on Facebook and then share their review.
  7. Daily deals, specials, exclusive content. You don’t have to give away something every week, but you can make each social network work for you. For example, if the restaurant is slow, you can send out a tweet and offer a percentage or dollar amount discount to anyone who retweets the offer and comes in within the next 30 minutes. Or reward those who check-in via Facebook with 10% off their check. Be creative, just don’t give away the farm.

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