7 Ways to Effectively Share Your Blog on Facebook

Facebook logoIn this post you have 7 different ways of sharing your new and older blog posts on Facebook. Try them out and see what results you get.
Different ideas work for different pages, so you may decide to stick with some and ignore the others. The best part? You decide what works best for you.

1. Automatic share
Share automatically using your preferred social media tool. If you added your blog to NetworkedBlogs, you can link it to your Facebook account so it gets posted on your Facebook page automatically when it’s published.

2. Link share
Share directly from your blog using your Facebook share button. Make sure the Facebook button is visible on the page, so people can see it and feel encouraged to share and like.
You can either leave the link the way it is, with the thumbnail, or remove it and leave just the text link.

3. Image share
An image is worth a thousand words. Include an image when you share your post on Facebook. Research shows that people notice and feel more compelled to comment, like, and share, if they see an image.
Tip: Make sure the image is relevant to your post and not just attractive.

4. Intro paragraph
When you share your blog posts, add a bit of a kick by introducing with a paragraph, not simply sharing the link.
You can say: “Need tips on ..?” or “If you always wanted to learn how to …” then follow by the link and then ask people to comment with their thoughts.

5. Link in a comment
To bypass Facebook’s algorithm which lets only about 20% of your fans to see your updates, you can try posting a text or image update and add the link as the first comment of the Facebook post.
I have not tried this trick myself, but I’m hearing you can get better reach this way.

6. Repeated share
Share your posts more than once, with slight variations. Try different intro paragraphs, try different days, and different times of the day.
Check your Facebook insights and see what works best in terms of reaching people or getting reactions.

7. Share elsewhere
Your Facebook page is not the only place you can share your blog posts. You can also share your blog on Facebook groups and other Facebook pages.
Just make sure you follow the rules of the Facebook group or page owner so you are not seen as a spammer.

Your turn!

What are some effective ways that work for you to share your blog on Facebook? Please share in a comment.

Delia RusoDelia Rusu helps women bloggers stay in their genius zone by showing them how to take their blog from dull to sparkle, so that readers can hear their blog’s message! Visit her website, Blog Formatting and connect with Delia on Facebook and Twitter. You can also find her sharing social media tips at EosGrafx.

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