9 Twitter Time Saver Tips

Let’s face it, Twitter can be addictive. When you are first getting started on Twitter, you want to build relationships, gain followers, and establish your niche. But that seems to suck up a lot of time. Before you engage with Twitter, have a plan. Here are some easy steps you can implement to save yourself some time that will be better spent doing other things. Flip through the slide presentation or scroll down to read the text version.


  1. Have a plan. Without a plan, you will spend all day on Twitter and then wander off on to Pinterest and StumbleUpon by clicking on other people’s interesting tweets. Before you know it, hours have gone by.
  2. Set a time limit (and stick to it). Before you sit down with Twitter, set a time limit for yourself. Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, that’s enough time to schedule any tweets, respond real-time, RT, @mention and thank anyone. Keep reading for ways to streamline these actions.
  3. Create lists. Lists on Twitter help you filter through the noise. By setting up lists for your favorite topics, you can get your content streamlined.
  4. Create a schedule. There’s no need to be on Twitter every day. Set boundaries and stick to them, otherwise you’re going to suffer Twitter burnout and quit.
  5. Post RTs in the future. This is my favorite tip because it allows you to space out your content over time. Just because you read something five minutes ago doesn’t mean it needs to be shared right now. Share it in an hour. Also, you don’t need to thank everyone for RTing your stuff all at the same time. Schedule those TYs over time throughout the day.
  6. Re-share your tweets. Guy Kawasaki says to post your tweets four times over a 32 hour period because the life cycle of a tweet is about two minutes. This also allows you to reach more people with your message by tweeting it throughout the day.
  7. Use mobile apps. When you are on the go, you can use the official Twitter app or any one of the various Twitter scheduler apps to respond to people, tweet content/pics
  8. Use a social media management tool. Whether you vice is HootSuite, Buffer, TweetDeck, Social Oomph, Seesmic, SendSocialMedia, or another choice, the ability to schedule content in advance saves you oodles of time.
  9. Curate Tweets via RSS. Twitter Feed is a utility tool that allows you send new items to your Twitter feed via RSS feeds.
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Tracy Sestili is CEO and Chief blogger at Social Strand Media. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.


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