5 Requirements For Adding A Company Page On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company pages are like a free billboard for your company in more ways than one. They enforce credibility when employees (past or present) link to your company page. They allow you to broadcast company news in a forum and on a platform where self-promotion is expected and accepted.

Creating a Company page is easy, but LinkedIn wants to make sure you are a valid representative from the company so that not just anyone can create a Company page for any company. They put some criteria in place to confirm your association with your company that you should be aware of or else you’ll have issues.

Requirements for adding a company page on LinkedIn

  1. You must be a current employee and have the company listed in your experience section on your personal profile.
    This means in your experience section there shouldn’t be an end date for your company and you should check the little box that says “I currently work here”.
  2. You have to have a company email address.
  3. Your company’s email domain is unique to your company.
    In other words, you can’t use your company@gmail or yahoo or hotmail because @gmail/yahoo/hotmail are not unique.(Often times this stumps small businesses or nonprofits because they set up their company email with gmail or hotmail. Time to move to the big leagues! Google for Business costs $5 a month and most webhosting sites include email with hosting your website).
  4. Your profile strength needs to be Intermediate or All Star.
    Where can you find it? On the right side of your profile, scroll down past People You May Know, Ads by LinkedIn Members, and People Also Viewed and you should see a widget that looks like this:

    If you are Intermediate or All Star you’ll have the ability to share your profile via Facebook or Twitter to invite people to connect with you.If you are not, ¬†then you’ll probably be labeled as a “Beginner” ,see a link to improve your profile strength and an image like this:
  5. You must have several connections.
    Unfortunately, LinkedIn isn’t clear about how many this is, but we imagine that it’s at least 10.


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