9 Smart Apps For Busy Executives Always On the Go

Entrepreneur MagazineI wish I could say that I was getting paid to write this article, but I’m not. The truth is that I just love Entrepreneur Magazine. It’s one of  those guilty pleasures I used to buy myself every time I went on vacation and finally, after my last vacation, I subscribed. I always love finding out about new technology — which it’s jammed packed with from cover to cover. In their recent 100 Brilliant Companies issue, there were so many cool new apps that I found would save me time, destress me, and maybe even save  my life (or yours) that I had to tell you about them.

2 Smart apps that can save your life:

As a busy executive or entrepreneur, you are constantly getting interrupted or pinged via SMS, text, or email when someone right in front of you needs your attention. Interruptions can take over your day and impede productivity. We think we’re being more productive taking calls on the road or when we’re in bumper to bumper traffic answering email or texting people. But the truth is that you are 23 times more likely to get into an accident while doing so and THAT can be not only a huge inconvenience, but could kill you or someone else. Believe me, nothing is that important that it can’t wait until you are off the road. Nothing.

  • Twist — on my way (iOS and Android). It’s a type of text message that sends a message to friends when you leave for your destination  so that they’ll get up to the minute alerts with your ETA, whether you are travelling by foot, car, or plane. Now you no longer have to worry about texting someone that you’re running late, especially while driving. AT&T has a similar app that sends  a text message to all of your contacts that’s let them know you are driving.
  • Earthquake Buddy (iOS) ($2.99) geotags your location in the event of a 5.5 or greater earthquake and emails a map (of your location) to four chosen contacts. Living in an area of Silicon Valley, which falls on eight fault lines, this is an app that could give loved ones peace of mind should a big boomer occur.

4 Smart apps that can save you time:

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time looking for my glasses, my keys, or my phone — constantly. At least I used to.  Last year  I bought into a Kick starter campaign called Stick ‘n Find. It basically gives you wi-fi stickers/key fobs you can put on your phone, attach to your keys, your kid, your dog, whatever you want, so you can find it/her/him whenever you’ve misplaced something within 100 ft radius. Pretty cool. But now there’s some healthy competition in the market…

  • hipKey, another proximity and movement sensor that also pairs with your phone and also can sound an alarm if your valuables are moved from a designated radius.
  • Washio is described like Uber for dry cleaning and laundry. Picture this, you’ve just been invited to an important business dinner tomorrow night but you realize that you don’t have anything to wear or that your ideal outfit is at the dry cleaners. What to do? Well, you can certainly go out and buy new but chances are you don’t have the time. Solution? Log onto Washio’s website and schedule a 30-minute window for pick-up and have your clothes back within 24 hours. Mobile app coming very soon.
  • Mailbox  (iOS) an app that allows you to archive, delete, or the best part: reassign emails to appear later for when you have time to deal with them. Currently free but only available with the iPhone and Gmail. On the horizon is support for Android, Outlook and other email services and operating systems. But still pretty cool.
  • Hailo (iOS or Android) is an app that aims to pair a taxi driver with passengers and have you in a cab within two minutes (which it can already do in London).

3 Smart apps to alleviate stressful situations:

  • Just chip a nail before a big meeting or dinner? Don’t worry. The app Beautified allows you to find same-day openings at salons near your current location for those urgent beauty appointments. Services vary from massages to manicures to waxing.
  • Expensify is my latest download after recently getting scolded by my accountant about not having every single receipt. Expensify allows you to snap a picture and upload a receipt, categorize/tag it and put it into a report that you can keep for yourself or email to your accounting team for reimbursement. Another option is Certify Mobile.
  • HotelTonight (iOS or Android)- let’s say your flight is delayed or has an emergency landing somewhere other than your hotel reservation. Rather than bug your Admin at midnight, just use Hotel Tonight and book a hotel in an instant.

Do you have an app you can’t live without? An app that alleviates stress, saves you time or can save your life? Let us know in the comments below.


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