Are Paper Resumes Obsolete?

The world is so digital these days that today’s college students wonder why they should  even bother with an old fashioned paper resume. Then the rest of us are sitting pondering the idea of why not? Just today in one of my network groups someone asked, when a company or recruiter asks for your resume is it better to send them to LinkedIn or send them an email with your resume attached? And isn’t it a bit archaic to send your resume via email these days?

We all want to show we are up on technology but there are a few things to keep in mind and where I think an email with an attachment or an old fashioned paper resume are handy:

3 Reasons Why You Need Both Paper and Online Resumes:

First off, they asked you because you are not in their system and you are not connected to that recruiter or hiring manager on LinkedIn. But even if you are connected to them, you still need to keep the following in mind:

  1. Always print out your resume and bring it with you to an in-person interview because sometimes the person interviewing you was too busy to print your resume out prior to meeting with you. It certainly will move the interview along, and more importantly, it shows you are prepared.
  2. If a hiring manager or recruiter asks you for your resume over the phone, suggest that they connect with you over LinkedIn and also send them your resume via email. Your paper resume will give them your skills and experience in a nice, hopefully easy-to-read format and will allow them to easily add you to their system for future opportunities. However, your LinkedIn profile (or any online profile) will show companies how well you represent your personal brand online and how that will be translated to how you will represent their brand online should they hire you. How well you are connected, both quantity and quality, will tell them how many people you can introduce their product or service to in the future should you be hired.  If they hire you, you’ll be another brand ambassador for their company.
  3. The online resume also let’s you showcase portfolios, links to whitepapers or presentations that you’ve done which cannot be so easily translated on paper.
What do you think? Do you think we should go totally digital?
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