10 Things B2B Can Talk About On Facebook & Twitter Besides Themselves

B2B social media and content marketing are tough nuts to crack for some marketers. Although there are forums and online communities where B2B companies can make an impact, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus are probably the most preferred main social networks for B2B companies to have a presence. However, some still think Facebook is where they should be.
LinkedIn Company pages should be all about you and your company because people are following it to get company news. But in all other cases, when it comes to content creation, most B2B companies have a difficult time in coming up with content that isn’t self-promoting. Sure, you can post deals/promotions and have contests, but those are short lived. You need things you can integrate into your strategy for every day.

Here are a list of B2B social media content ideas businesses can talk about besides themselves:

  1. Current events.Creating a post/tweet around current events can work for or against you. It needs to be tasteful (unlike Kenneth Cole’s tweet about his new spring collection during the overthrow in Egypt). But remember the Super Bowl 35 minute blackout? Audi tweeted they would be sending over LED lights to their competitor dome (Mercedes-Benz SuperDome).
  2. Solving a problem or related problem. Every product or service solves a problem, so use that as your springboard to launch into conversations about it and things around it. For example, let’s say your business helps event organizers sell tickets and track them easily. What other problems do event organizers have? They need to get sponsors and they need to advertise their event within a budget, so why not write a blog recommending top 10 places to submit your event for free?
  3. Industry Tips & Tricks. No matter what the business is, you have tips and tricks up your sleeve that are relevant to your audience. For example, you might be a commercial cleaning business so why not offer cleaning tips or how to remove carpet stains.
  4. Archives. Depending on how old your business is, people love reminiscing over photos that bring back that nostalgic feeling of the past. Plus even if you shared something previously on social media, remember that as you gain new customers over the years, the new folks haven’t seen it yet.
    Intel Throwback Thursdays
  5. Industry News. If you want to be the go-to in your industry you need to talk industry news. But even more so, you will need to talk about your competitors because they are going to be in the news at some point. You don’t want to be the “selective” industry news aggregator. You want to be the go-to industry news aggregator for everything in your niche, not just your stuff.
  6. Employees/Employment Opportunities.People love knowing that there are humans behind these business profiles. Feature people in the office working, goofing off, or at a company event. It also inspires employees. Or feature what it’s like to work in your company by featuring real employees.
  7. Vendors/Sponsors/Partners/Customers – Do you work with a vendor that you are grateful for their product or service? Do you have partners, customers or sponsors that you’d like to thank in some way? Why not highlight their product/service in a way that is not so blatant, but more subtle by showing how their product or service solves a problem.  For example, OfficeMax highlighted their small business owners with posts about Small Business Appreciate Month offering a tip from a highlighted small business.
  8. Make it about them (the customers). It seems so obvious. But here’s a great example, it has nothing to do with a holiday, current news or even remotely relevant to their business, but it’s about the fan.
  9. Overlapping interests. If your business sells defibrillators to hospitals, then try posting a recipe every week that is heart healthy (keeping people out of the hospital) or best hospital meals. Or you might be a copier leasing company so consider talking about energy saving tips or things that go on in the office – like Xerox does:
    B2B Social Media Xerox
  10. Happy pictures. No one likes to go on Facebook and get depressed, if they did, they’d watch Lifetime TV. How about a photo that inspires people or a photo that makes people laugh (careful on comedy – think along the lines of babies or pets).
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