Best Free Top 10 Facebook Apps For Nonprofits

As a nonprofit you may not have the funds to allocate to social media marketing, so you’re always looking for a way to find free applications that will give you functionality and yet still be easy to implement. I do a lot of work for nonprofits, and most recently in my question to find a calendar app that was free for a client, I decided I should make you a list of apps that you can use for free. Tip: You may want to bookmark this page. ;-)

My Top 10 Facebook Apps for Nonprofits

  1. Networked Blogs – allows you to automatically post your blog to your Facebook Page every time you add a new blog to your website/blog site.
  2. Twitter by Involver – allows you to add your Twitter feed to your Facebook Page. This is good because everyone who is on Twitter is more than likely on Facebook, but not everyone on Facebook is on Twitter, so it lets them interact with your cause without having to get on the other social network. Which is another reason why you need to differentiate your content across platforms.
  3. Selected Tweets – this gives you the same thing that Twitter by Involver gives you except that this app gives you more control over which tweets you share. Hence, why it’s called ‘selective tweets’.
  4. Calendarised – My top app for events. Sure you can create an event page, but if you’re a nonprofit who has multiple events or you have chapter locations, then you may want to use a real calendar to advertise your events and let people know when and where they are at a glance. PLUS it comes with an iPhone app that your constituents can download for free. Boo-yah!
  5. Events Calendar – Does the same think as Calendarised but the UI is a little rough. But hey, check ’em both out and see which you like best.
  6. TabSite – a great way to implement a custom tab with drag and drop features in a WYSIWYG editor. It couldn’t be more simple.
  7. Static HTML – a great app to add a custom tab to your Facebook Page. Warning: you need to know HTML or be able to code, but if you have the resource, it’s quite fantastic.
  8. ContactMe form – I know you might be thinking, why do I need this when Facebook now allows for you to get messaged directly from your constituents? So true, however, Facebook doesn’t collect their information and give it to you such as their email address, which you can use to market to them later. Tip: disable the Messages feature and install this app so you start building your email list.
  9. FundRazr – if you want to raise funds for a specific campaign or program then FundRzr makes the set up really easy where you can upload a video, image, and collect the donor’s information. The only downside, they take 5% – ouch!
  10. Causes – Since the Causes app integrated into Timeline using Facebook’s Open Graph you can now publish your social good activities to your page and to your friend’s Timeline, thus spreading your social goodness further.

What are some of your favorite free Facebook apps you’d recommend for nonprofits? Tell us in the comments below.

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