Best Marketing Tactics for B2B and B2C 2013

Content marketing helps companies tell a story and engage their customers on another level. Content marketing is also one of the best marketing tactics not to mention one of the most time consuming for both B2B and B2C companies. In a recent study (February 2013) from Ascend2, they surveyed marketers from around the world and found that for B2B marketers, creating content/blog posts, creating whitepapers, and creating video/audio content were the  top three most effective marketing tactics and also the most difficult and time consuming to create.


best marketing tactics

Among the reasons cited as to why the content was so difficult to create, B2B and B2C marketers cited the same two obstacles:

  • Lack of resources to create and follow through on the content engagement that powers social
  • Difficulty in measuring the ROI of their efforts
Interestingly enough, B2Cs (21%) found advertising on social networks to be a much more effective strategy than B2Bs did (9%).
In another study by CopyPress (January 2013), they cited that marketers found the biggest ROI in creating featured articles, videos, and whitepapers. And two-thirds of respondents said that authorship played a key role in their overall strategy, especially when creating articles and whitepapers. (Authorship being articles that were bylined by high profile individuals rather than the corporate brand).
best marketing tactics
Social media ranked third in this study as an important tactic, but I think that’s natural because you need content to populate social media, otherwise it gets boring.
What tactics have you found useful or the most difficult to create?




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