Best Newsletter EVER!

Newsletter mustsNewsletters are a great way to communicate with your constituents and let them know what new things are happening with your product or service. It’s also a great way to keep in touch so that when you do have something important to communicate, it won’t get lost in their mailbox and look like spam to them. Plus you can share them on social media.

Now when you create a newsletter there are certain elements that are vital for open and click through rates. Obviously, design is important. But you need to have a catchy headline to get people to open it in the first place. Which brings me to why this is the best newsletter ever.

On Saturday night I received an email from North Social which I deem as the best newsletter ever because not only did it have all of the key elements of a good newsletter such as catchy headline, brevity, focused, etc., but it appeared to be a reaction to a negative post on their Facebook page from a fan. I won’t perpetuate matters by giving the perpetrator kudos and re-posting their post, but I will say that I think North Social did a kick-ass job with its response.  Take a look:

Has Social Media Turned Us All Into Assholes?

Catchy Headline


Of course, I’d love to know if the person who wrote this had to get it approved or how many times they thought it over before pressing “send.”

What do you think, offensive or brilliant? Let me know in the comments below.

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