New Facebook Image Sizes 2014


As you know Facebook is slowly rolling out their new Facebook Pages for brands layout (one column vs. two column). It's very similar to your personal profile layout. However, since Facebook announced the forthcoming change, lots of marketers and business owners had questions about the new Facebook image sizes. The cover photo (851 x 315 pixels) has not changed. The profile photo (200 x 200 pixels and scales down to 167  x 167 px).  The tab (app) size is now 113 x 75 , but the old sizes … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages

As you may of heard, on April 14th LinkedIn's products and services feature will be going away on Company Pages.  Instead, they're encouraging you to create Showcase Pages, which they started rolling out a few months ago. Showcase Pages are great for big companies, but not so much for the little guy. In fact, I found it a bit disappointing that LinkedIn doesn't have a solution for the small business owner. Showcase Pages are great for big brands that have multiple business units or distinct … [Read more...]

The One Question You Forgot To Ask About Your Social Media Strategy

Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field

You know you should be on social media. The marketing director came to you with "a strategy" and you think you have a game plan. But are you sure you are on the right social networks for your business? Often times many businesses overlook and neglect to ask the most important question when it comes to their social media strategy. Why am I on this social network? The answer shouldn't be: because my competitors are, or because everyone else is there. You really need to ask yourself what you hope … [Read more...]

Top 7 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Google+ [Infographic]

20 Reasons to use GooglePlus

I know there are still a lot of naysayers out there who doubt the value of Google+ as a social network. From the beginning it was given a bad rap because it was often compared with Facebook. However, the only thing Google+ has in common with Facebook is that they are both social networks. However, they are very different social networks. I like to think of Google+ as a hodgepodge of the very best of the social networks: It has big images like Pinterest and Instagram It's a place where I … [Read more...]

Small Business: Is Your Audience on Twitter (New Study)

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Millions of people turn to Twitter every day to learn about local/world news, events around their industry, and to participate in live conversations about topics that interest them. When it comes to whether or not you should spend time on Twitter, most SMBs don't have time and wonder what the true value in it is for their bottom line. Well, Twitter recently partnered with research firm DB5 to poll 1,000 active Twitter users in the U.S. who currently follow small-medium sized businesses (SMB). … [Read more...]