Facebook Launches News Feed Targeting on Organic Posts


The other day I was doing a demo for someone and noticed that my Facebook Page had an extra icon in the status update box. I clicked, and to my surprise, it was "Add Targeting." But here's what you need to know: This is News Feed targeting, not post targeting. Anyone who comes to your Facebook Page can still see these posts. It just limits who can see them in their News Feed. The more targeting filters you add, the fewer people you will target. The minimum number of people you can target … [Read more...]

How To Write Good, Effective Social Media Copy: Writing The Perfect Post

Every wonder what it takes to get your content shared? Writing good, effective, tight social media copy for all of your posts is the key to getting your content shared and engaged with by your fans and followers. These tips can be applied to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. If you didn't catch this content on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, here it is: How To Write Good, Effective Social Media Copy from Social Strand Media     … [Read more...]

What Are The Key Elements In A Good Headshot?


You have worked hard to craft your message on social media. You have created a personal brand that is compelling and complete. How do you make your headshot say all that in one image? There are several key elements to make that happen. Mood: Make sure the mood matches your message. Wardrobe: Have it match your message and usual work attire. Makeup: Yes. You should. Men and Women. Background: Neutral and not distracting. Attention to Details: Glasses Cleaned. Hair Trimmed. Jewelry … [Read more...]

3 Reasons To Give Up Blogging

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Recently I was accepted as a LinkedIn Influencer. Yippee. But what did that mean? Another place to submit yet another piece of content. Who has all of that time to write anyway? I love creating good, relevant content. I really do. But writing a blog for Social Strand, guest blogging, Tweeting, posting to Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest, SlideShare, and then writing a blog for LinkedIn? Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Not to mention doing client work. Who has time to write or read … [Read more...]

Do Your Blog Headlines Make People Click?


The Content Marketing Institute has found in their research that effective headlines have one or more of the following things in common: Have 8 words or fewer (21% higher click-thru rate or CTR) Use questions to provoke thought Use lists with odd numbers rather than even numbers in the title (20% higher CTR) Use colons or hyphens indicating a subtitle (9% higher CTR) Use thumbnail pictures (27% higher CTR) But why eight words or less? Why odd numbers and not even numbers? All good … [Read more...]