Why You Struggle On Twitter

In case you didn't read this post on LinkedIn...I recently read an article by Marcus Taylor that I really enjoyed. It was a case study about how Mashable, KISSmetrics, and Problogger reached millions of readers in less than two years. The article talked about the different blogging tactics each used. In a nutshell Mashable and KISSmetrics used a lot of infographics and Problogger posted evergreen content instead of news. All of them posted blog content like crazy in the first couple of years - … [Read more...]

Facebook Shakes Up Big Data Offering Anonymous Login

Facebook today announced a new way that users can log into applications anonymously.  You may have been weary in the past about hitting that blue Login with Facebook button in the past. But now, you'll be met with a dialogue box that allows you to choose line by line who you share your information with. This is a step in the right direction for privacy and security. However, the big data folks might be a bit upset. You see, in the past these applications owned by big business were able to gather … [Read more...]

How Successful Small Businesses Play with the Big Boys Online

Want to know how successful small businesses play with the big boys online? Running a successful small business is hard work and there's a lot of competition out there. But there are small businesses that are able to compete with the big brands by bringing their local business to the forefront of their industry through social media marketing. They create communities and get stakeholder buy-in early on. They know who their influencers are and invest in them by solving real-life problems that … [Read more...]

How to Take Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field

As I stated a while back, the tutorials are no longer available and we are making slight changes to the website. That's because... I'm super excited to announce that my new book, Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business is now available on Amazon! It will be available in eBook in June and in Europe in July. But here's why I'm really excited. In addition to consulting for companies both large and small, I've also been teaching social media … [Read more...]

Why Newbies Should Ignore #FF on Twitter

 Today when I was going through my Twitter stream I clicked on someone who I thought was interesting. But before I follow anyone, I always  glance at their Twitter stream to see what they tweet about. I want make sure they are going to provide me valuable content. I noticed in this  person's feed that they had used #FF (Follow Friday) last week. I looked up at their follower count and noticed they were following 2000 people  and had around 1,600 followers. I knew why they put out a #FF, but I … [Read more...]