Bloggers: You’re A Snowflake, Not a Cog!

How bloggers can stand out from everyone else on the internet

Bloggers are like snowflakesBloggers, maybe you’ve got tattoos or piercings. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you have a favorite hobby, or sport, or past time that you just can’t stop talking about. So don’t stop talking about it when you’re blogging about your business. Your readers are craving that personality. Like your kindergarten teacher told you, we’re all just a bunch of snowflakes, and none of us are alike.

So, please answer a question for me:

If we’re all so different, how come everything we read online is the same?

Just because I’m posing the question doesn’t mean I know the answer. As a reader or consumer, I know that you understand the problem. Google any industry and you’re bound to find the same tips or tricks published by hundreds of different bloggers.

One guy on the top with all the readers figured out some suggestions, then blogged about them. From there a bunch of people picked up on them, and basically did a rewrite without adding to the conversation. Yawn.

You’re better than that, snowflake! This is a capital blogging sin.

If you’re going to stay in this blogging game, show a little personality. Put a little skin in the game. Tell us how one of these tips pertained to you using a personal example.

Show us your hobbies, pastimes and passions outside of your business. There’s a cluster of competition in the social and search worlds, and if you want to stick out, your readers want to see a little bit of personality.

Here are some suggestions for more unique posts that I know I’d want to read:

  • What’s the link between your passion and your business? I’ve read posts about what people learned about marketing while walking the dog. Now there’s a loose and creative connection. I wrote a post about what the television show Sons of Anarchy can teach us about marketing. Probably not a connection most people would make.
  • What industry standard or tip is just utter BS? If you’re willing to go against the grain, and present a solid argument doing so, that’s more interesting than the standard baring five industry tips I’ve read in 100 different places.
  • Any post that turns your customers or clients into the heroes of the story. Lets face it, that just makes for good drama.
  • Any post with a truly unique or original angle. It’s got to have something different than everyone else.

I know that you’re a writer, and not just a typist. So do your part to make the Internet a better place and put that unique personality to good use.

Matt Brennan Matt Brennan offers corporate writing services to businesses and organizations. He’s been telling stories for more than 10 years.

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