7 Blogging Lessons You Can Learn From Our Top 10 Social Strand Media Blogs of 2012

We wanted to recap the year for you here at Social Strand Media but that seemed dull and boring. Not to mention, it’s not in the spirit of what we do here. We share information here. That’s why you come back to the blog to read it. What we really want to share with you is more than a list of our top 10 blogs of the past year, we want to share with you the lessons we learned from writing them and how it has helped to grow our blog and our business and how it may help you too!

As you know, we write a weekly daily blog — that’s 210 blogs a year! We’ve had over 1,200 comments and a number of guest posts this year. We strive to find the right balance on what you want to know about and what you need to know about in the social media world. Your comments and tweets are what help us do that – so thank you!

Content Generation

Lesson #1. Facebook is still popular. Out of all of the blogs we wrote this past year in 2012, 50% of our blog views had to do with blogs on Facebook. But there was one blog that was consistently our top blog every week in terms of search and views, which was actually written in November 2011. Can you guess?

Lesson #2: look at your stats for new ideas for content. Although we think that the reason Unsubscribing from Someone in Facebook was the most viewed because it was so confusing for users, seeing that blog at the top week after week and seeing the amount of phrases with “Facebook” in them being searched for on our blog was what made us start to cover Facebook a bit more and hence led to one of our most interactive blogs (see lesson #5.)


Lesson #3: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know and how many people they know.

The blog that went the most viral? Well, there were two. First was 9 Grammar Mistakes that Can Make You Lose Readers It went viral because Facebook guru Mari Smith included it in her weekly newsletter and tweeted about it, plus, there was one person who attacked the writer (me) in the comments which spawned a vocal response by the community.

Lesson #4: People like sharing things that are kitchy and fun. The second blog that went viral was Social Media Explained in Sixth Grade English.  Since it was an infographic it had a nice graphical component to it that was easy to share, plus it was kind of fun.

Lesson #5: Listen to your community. It seemed that the whole converting, merging, and username seemed to confuse people and a lot of folks found their answers in the blog comments from other users, even though at the bequest of a reader we created a blog to sum up all of the comments, it didn’t make our top ten, but got honorable mention.


Lesson #6: Respond to comments. If people take the time to write a comment, you should take the time to acknowledge them. The blog that actually garnered the most comments and probably helped the most people was #7 on our list: Merging Multiple Facebook Pages Clarified – Username vs Name, which has garnered 244 comments since it was written back in March. We answered most of the questions that were posted in the comments section on this blog which we hope showed we cared.

Lesson #7: Be specific and solve a problem. Although Facebook privacy seems to always be at the helm of controversy, when we posted blogs that had “Facebook privacy” in the title, it didn’t get many views. But when we solved a problem and showed you how to do something that was related to privacy, such as How to Delete Stuff from your Facebook Timeline or How to Hide Your Page Likes, suddenly those made into our top 5 blogs of the year!

Which lessons did you learn from your marketing efforts this year? Share below so we can all benefit!




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