Boy Bands from AUS Might Be Onto Something With Twitter and the Music Industry

Boy bands from Australia might be on to something with Twitter. From trending topics to engaging tweets, they seem to have a handle on what their followers want to hear. The Janoskians are a YouTube comedy group, pranksters, singers, entertainers, and stunt performers. They claim they are #notaboyband. Their name is an acronym of how they refer to themselves: (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation). But if you’ve ever watched any of their YouTube videos which gets hundreds of thousands of views, then you’d know that they are just 5 guys who goof off and do crazy stupit sh*t and decided to film it. Oh, and they sing a little. But for whatever reason, girls are going crazy over them all over the world. Over the weekend I was working on some client stuff and perused the Twitter trending topics for San Francisco. I saw something that looked a little odd, “#skipfollowme” was trending. So I clicked on it and it led me to the Melbourne based Janoskians’ member, Daniel Sahyounie”s Twitter account, who goes by the nickname Skip: Janoskian_tweet   Over 17K retweets and over 3,000 people favorited it.  He already had 436K followers when he tweeted this tweet and less than 24 hours after the tweet he’s up to almost 441K. Not too shabby for a day’s work. And it’s pretty strategic overall, because in 2 days they are doing a major announcement about their tour. This morning he started with another hashtag, but it had less of an impact, perhaps due to his slowness in following back in the first tweet. Boy Bands Twitter Because even though his first hashtag tweet (#skipfollowme) said he’d follow you back if you followed and retweeted him, his “following” count remained kind of stagnant from 11,833 to 12,001, which is just slightly under two hundred. Then this morning I logged into Twitter and I saw another trending topic: “followmeluke”. When I traced that back to the original tweeter it was from another boy band from Sydney, 5 Seconds of Summer. FollowMeLuke

Now Luke started out at 318K and is already up to 322K followers.  And he seems to be a bit better at following back because he’s gone from following 5,669 to 6,478 which is just under one thousand in less than 12 hours. One has to wonder, do you think they have the same social media rep? Do you think if I tried this it would work? LOL! Probably not.  I tried it and got one retweet from a current follower.

What’s interesting is that this may not work for every industry, but apparently it does work for the music industry.

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