BREAKING: LinkedIn Contacts Gets Face Lift

LinkedIn_ContactsHappy Thanksgiving! Today, all of the LinkedIn LION’s in social media I bet are super grateful for the newest feature released today on LinkedIn Contacts. A new (much needed) face lift on Contacts gives you all of the things that were previously on your wishlist (and mine) before and which now have been heard and deployed – woohoo!

What has the leading professional network done to make your life easier? Now you can add notes to your contacts (not just tags), you can remember your last conversation with that person, remember where you met them,  sync your calendar with your contacts so you never miss a beat on connecting, and quickly find who you are looking for by company, location,title, or personalized tag. Let’s take a tour!

First, one of the most important things is remembering where you met or how you know the person. Under each contact now you can enter in “How we met”:



Set a reminder and you choose the time. This is great for people who reach out via LinkedIn and then wait for a reply. Don’t wait for the reply, set up a reminder to follow-up and be proactive.



The other great thing about this new enhancement is the ability to add notes. Often times I add notes to my contact information on my phone.  But if you are on LinkedIn and about to send a note to someone and make it personalized, then why go to a separate device when you could have it all at your fingertips in one app?



Of course you can still manage/add a tag to any contact. There are two ways you can do this:
First from going directly to their contact page on LinkedIn (which is where the above information is) and clicking on Tag.



Second is by going to your Contacts menu item in your top nav.

Now speaking of going to Contacts in the top nav, you can do everything I showed you above PLUS you can organize by recent conversation, search by company, location, title, tag, source (LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, etc),  and sync all of your contact information from Gmail, Yahoo! etc (from your Settings by clicking the gear in the upper right).



Lastly, you can use the search feature to search all of your contacts for anything that’s in their profile. For example, here I was looking for a stylist. Now you’ll noticed that 3 out of the 5 people returned in my search results have the word “stylist” in their professional headline.  But when I look at Monae’s profile, I see “stylist” in her Summary. And for Paola, she had “stylist” in a previous job title. So keywords matter. Just imagine if a recruiter is looking for a social media manager, social media marketer or something that you do, are your keywords optimized in your profile?



Well, that’s it. A lot of good stuff here on LinkedIn Contacts. What do you think, a necessary or unnecessary improvement? Let me know in the comments below.

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