5 Ways to Build Email Lists Without Writing an E-Book

build email listsMost of the time people promote their blog or their business in their email communications. While that’s all and good, that’s not going to keep them subscribed and it’s not going to build your list. You definitely have to make it easy for people to sign up, but you also have to give them a reason to sign up.¬†Many will suggest you need to write an eBook and promote that in your email. Do you know how long it takes to write a decent eBook? Who has the time???

BUT, you can give your email subscribers exclusive content that is 1) either included in your email (which is what I do sometimes), or the safest way — 2) available behind a “subscriber only” wall on your website, like Laura Roeder does on her site LKRsocialmedia.

You still need to create content, which is time consuming, but it’s way less time consuming than writing an eBook — I guarantee it!

Types of things you can include in your email are:

  • A new tip or trick before you blog about it.
  • A podcast.
  • A video.
  • A how-to article that you never post on your blog.
  • Contests or survey results.

Other ways you can build your email list are 3) you can give away access to a whitepaper or presentation in exchange for an email address or 4) you can give people an incentive for signing up for your email list such as a one-pager of your best tips and tricks (Mari Smith and Kristina Jaramillo do this).

Lastly 5) you can host a free webinar or provide a partial blog post for a sneak peak. If they want more, they’ll give you their email address.

What are some ways you build your email list?

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