Case Study: 3 Schools Using Social Media For Success

Schools using social media for successOnline collaborative learning has reached new levels. Studies show that students who are engaged in their classes tend to do better in school. In fact in a recent study by SocialCast, 96% of students with Internet access use social networking and 30% have their own blog. What better way to get them engaged than on platforms they are already using, like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. The study also had some other key takeaways:

  • 69% of school districts have student website programs
  • 59% of school districts say at least half of their staff participate in social networking for educational purposes
  • 27% of school districts have a teacher/principal online community (like a Facebook closed group)
  • Most popular social networks used in school districts are: Skype, YouTube, Facebook are the most popular followed by Twitter, SlideShare, and WordPress.

And it makes sense because this is where they live, where they communicate with their friends online, so why not tap into that funnel?  Additionally, teachers are educating students on how social media can help or hinder their job quest. But make no mistake, social media users come in all sizes. In a study published by KQED last year they reported that 9.5% (16M) of the online universe is made up of 2-11 year-olds.

Here are 3 schools using social media for success

  1. University of Central Lancashire in the U.K. recently used Twitter to help their architectural students engage with prospective employers by tweeting sketches of their drawings with a specific hashtag of #twittercritter or #practicereviews. In return industry experts and freelance architects provided feedback and advice to the students. The result? The students said that the experience was invaluable in giving them ideas on new ways to improve or present their work as well as confidence in interacting with industry professionals.
  2. Stan Winston School of Character Arts, a school that offers video training for those who master in monster making in the movies, uses Facebook to give lessons via YouTube.  They are also active on Pinterest posting boards on monster faces and Twitter.
  3. University of Delaware uses Pinterest to show off student life on campus and they use their U of D Facebook page to talk to students about current events and recently to recruit social media ambassadors to help them further their brand. Genius!

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