Case Study: 8 Great Facebook Examples of Small Businesses, Nonprofits

When it comes to Facebook case studies, there often are too many examples of big companies with big budgets and I just don’t find them helpful, do you? So in this mini case study I wanted to showcase to you some great examples of Facebook Pages of small businesses and explain why I think they are great.

1. First up is Fit and Healthy Mamas. Melissa Capie Monteforte showcases her small business with a great cover photo and profile photo, plus a streamlined brand across all of her tabs. Her cover photo tells the story of what her business is about, educating moms on healthy eating and lifestyle choices by giving them the resources, recommendations and encouragement needed to obtain a balanced lifestyle for themselves and their children right from the start.
Fit and Healthy Mamas


2.  Oil Consultants Ltd, are a B2B company providing specialized contract personnel to clients involved in the upstream oil sector (drilling and well services). Everything about their Facebook presence is clean, crisp and streamlined. They even have a “job of the day” theme that they post daily.

FB Local Biz Example 4

3. The African Library Project builds libraries in Africa. What I love about their Page is their cover story tells a story, but beyond that they feature real pictures telling real stories of real people which lets their donors see their impact and engages their constituents.

FB Local Biz Example 5


4. San Antonio Humane Society. I admit, it’s hard to go wrong with cute pictures of cats and dogs, but they do a great job of telling the stories of each of these lovable pets who need a home.  Their cover and profile photo make you want to adopt a pet.

San Antonio Humane Society

5. Blue Bottle Coffee Company is a local Bay Area organic coffee company that always has a line out the door for a cup of java. But their Facebook Page is also pretty good. They tell stories of their staff with video, they share colorful pictures of real people drinking their product.

Blue Bottle Coffee

7. Cheryl Robinson is one of those Pampered Chef resellers who started out local and grew to national and is thriving. Her business Cheryl’s Pampered Chef Biz is making a killing on her Facebook Page with her 21,000+ fans.  She normally gets hundreds to thousands of likes and shares every day on her content. Now that Facebook relaxed the photo cover text policy, I think she went a little overboard, but it doesn’t seem to be deterring anyone from interacting with her awesomeness.
Cheryl Robinson Pampered Chef
8. Lean Bodies Consulting, is a local business created by Erik Ledin. His small team of three (Mark Young, Megan Donnelson, and Ileen Natic) are who help him run Lean Bodies Consulting which specializes in diet coaching, online training, contest (body building) prep, and more.  Really they are all about people who are serious about fitness. What I like about their Facebook Page is not only does their cover photo tell a hard core story, but their profile photo is of Erik, which gives it a personal touch. After all, when you get a trainer at the gym, don’t you want to know who they are? Further, he defies what most social media experts tout, which is that text posts do terribly. In fact, just the opposite is happening here. Erik’s text posts get shared and liked quite a bit.
Lean Bodies Consulting
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