Charlie Sheen – a genius?

Charlie Sheen Genius and BobbleheadI don’t typically blog about gossip or trending topics, however, Charlie Sheen has fascinated me from day one.  The branding, the social media embracement, the media blitz morning show tour – all of it has been some of the best marketing and branding any celebrity could hope for given the situation (remember Britney’s melt down, and let’s not even talk about Lindsay what’s her face). Full disclosure: I’ve read all of the letters, the tweets, have seen the twitpics, the ustreams, the interviews and the psychological analysis that his alleged bipolarity has been exacerbated with extreme cocaine use.  Yet, I still think it’s crazy brilliant. Here’s why:

Charlie Sheen is now looking for a social media intern. Have you applied? You should. If you read the letter posted by TMZ  the other day from Warner Bros. lawyers to Charlie Sheen’s lawyer, then you’d know that they don’t really have a leg to stand on in terms of termination. Which makes me think, is the crazy cat, or should I say “freakin’ rockstar from Mars” –  going to really be a #winner in the end? Perhaps.

What’s been said to be a world record (more than 1 million subscribers in less than 24 hours) is now at 2.3M followers in just a few short days, it seems Charlie Sheen is no dummy. He may seem to be crazy, but one has to wonder what plan he has had up his sleeve this entire time. Now billionaire Mark Cuban has been  talking to him to do a show on HDNet and it wouldn’t surprise me if MTV offered him a reality show. It would certainly make for entertaining programming. Charlie Sheen is a publicist’s nightmare and a marketer’s dream right now. Everyone is tuning into what he has to say, even if it is nonsense like “T minus 58 mins “Building the perfect torpedo” or; “How to get fired and still get paid Bazillions.” check it – #ybw @ustream.”

When he sues Warner Bros., CBS, and anyone else that got in his way, if he wins his lawsuit before hitting rock bottom, then he really will be a #winner. However, the celebration will probably land him back in rehab.

Safe to say that Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears could have only wished for such great publicity and fame from their episodes of demise. Britney has bounced back, Lindsay, on the other hand will probably be on VH1’s Where are they now?  in 10 years.  #sad

p.s. I received my Charlie Sheen Talking Bobblehead today. Want it? Leave a comment below.

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